I’ve been holding my breath for the past few months, much like the rest of the country. I was resigned to the fact that football was just not going to happen. Deep down I felt it would, but outwardly, I was prepared to deal with it – baseball into October, then we would have to get into College Football more than ever before. I was pissed at the NFL, even claimed that I could care less if there was a season. That was denial talking of course. I don’t know what I would’ve done without football. Probably wouldn’t have dabbled in a quasi-career of crime like Ray Lewis suggested, but I was prepared to make the most of it.

This site’s launch was actually in a holding pattern. It revolves mainly around the NFL, so without football, it would be difficult to muster up any of the passion needed to successfully launch a product. Sure there will be lots of talk about baseball, college football, college basketball, and hockey. Hell, there might even be an occasional mention of the NBA, but there will not be any ESPN-like glorification of that bastardized sport on this site. Soccer? World Cup only… sorry soccer nerds. Football, though… football was needed for the inauguration.

So what’s the deal with this site?
Current events. Fantasy Football insight. Everything sports. Enjoyable sports commentary by a variety of authors, presenting an alternate view to the daily sports column. Some quick reads, some long entries that you might want to save for when you’re on the crapper.

Stay tuned, by mid-to late August, VoodooBrown.com should be in full-swing. Enjoy.


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Voodoo Brown
Voodoo Brown started playing fantasy football way back in 1994 — when you had to manually add up scores with the Monday edition of USA Today (yes, that’s how it was done). Since that time, he has amassed 16 championships and 7 runner-ups, with most of his success coming after 2003 (avg. participation of 2-3 leagues per year). These accomplishments are evidence that Voodoo steadily adjusts to the ebbs & flows of the ever-changing fantasy landscape. It’s a different game now than it was in 1994 — hell, even 2004. Rarely finishing as a doormat, Voodoo’s teams are always in the mix. If you want any roster or lineup feedback, you can message him at vb@voodoobrown.com, or hit him up on Facebook or Twitter (@VoodooBrown)