Huge fan of Haikus. Huge. I remember making an entire night out of writing Haikus with a few friends of mine while living in Chicago. One of my more memorable nights. Maybe I needed to spice it up a bit when I lived there, actually. Hmmmm… anyway, something about getting right to the point, the complete opposite of fluff. Here’s my ode to Cowboys fans (the ones without Texas roots):

You’re not from Dallas.
Antagonistic moron.
Major dad issues.

note: this does not apply to friends & family 🙂


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Voodoo Brown
Voodoo Brown started playing fantasy football way back in 1994 — when you had to manually add up scores with the Monday edition of USA Today (yes, that’s how it was done). Since that time, he has amassed 16 championships and 7 runner-ups, with most of his success coming after 2003 (avg. participation of 2-3 leagues per year). These accomplishments are evidence that Voodoo steadily adjusts to the ebbs & flows of the ever-changing fantasy landscape. It’s a different game now than it was in 1994 — hell, even 2004. Rarely finishing as a doormat, Voodoo’s teams are always in the mix. If you want any roster or lineup feedback, you can message him at, or hit him up on Facebook or Twitter (@VoodooBrown)