Once again, the Bank last night was electric with Lee on the mound. How can you not love this guy? August stats: 31 IP, 2 ER, 7 BB, 32 SO, 4 wins in 4 starts. For all you math geniuses out there that’s more than 1 K per inning and an ERA of 0.5625. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Half a run per every 9 innings of work? So, in a 3 game series a team will score 1.5 runs. With our sick production that is a sweep every time…..well unless our 25 million dollar boy goes 0-4 with 4 K’s. I know he has 96 RBI’s and blah blah blah for all you Howard lovers out there…but come on man – .253? 142 K’s? Just get the ball in play babe! Grinds the shit outta my gears…

Anyways….the Cliffster also emits his god like juices when he is at the plate. In his past 4 starts, mentioned above, he has scored 2 runs on 2 hits. Also, he blasted the shit outta the ball on Aug 9th with a homer vs. those west coast scum nuts LAD (whom are second in the scum nut ranking to Philly’s new favorite team to hate, San Fran and the Brian Wilson’s of the world). Lee also belted a homer against NL East rival Atlanta July 9th. That was the Phil’s only run scored that game. Oh yeah, my boy went 0 – 5 that game as well. But, to give him credit, NO ONE HIT that game..

– Pence Ill Vania

This kid loves Philly. He goes from a scrub team in Houston to one of the most energized ball clubs in the country. 4 Runs scored in 3 official at bats last night. Need I say more?


– Mayberry Junior

WOW! This kid impresses me everyday he plays and only adds to the sexiness Lee brings to the mound. Can we say starting left fielder next year?

Here’s a quick stat for you kids since Johnny was recalled from AAA:

.318, 8 homers, 26 RBI’s

Watch the Phil’s tonight keep it rolling @ 7:05 with THE MANIMAL on the mound…