An earthquake struck South Philly last night at around 7 pm. The aftershocks lasted until roughly 9:40 when the scoreboard read “4 – 9 METS BLOW! PHILS WIN! WORLEY IS A BEAST”. As for the other quake everyone was tweeting about all day, I’m over it. However, I really loved the photo of the tipped over lawn chair that read everything from “Earthquake Devastates East Coast” to “8/23/2011 Never Forget”. Classic!


Vance Worley pitched his first game on April 29th vs. the Mets. I remember saying to myself, who is this kid with the glasses and a mohawk? On that day, he ended up giving up 2 hits over 6 scoreless innings. Needless to say, the Phils cruised to a 10-3 win. Sixteen games started later, this kid is still a BEAST on the mound. This beastliness and mohawk has earned him the nickname Vanimal or is it Manimal? I have heard it both ways from 97.5 to ESPN to Comcast Sports Net. Either way you put it, Vance “Manimal/Vanimal” Worley is a 5th starter teams have sweaty dreams over.

Earthquake devastation, courtesy of

Over the past few games, the Vanimal has started off a little rough. This game was no different. In the first two innings, runners reached third base with less than one out. But, it’s the Mets, so obviously they choked and no one scored. It does not help their cause either when Vance strikes out 5 batters in that time span as well.

The rest of the game Vance cruised, retiring 15 batters in a row at some point and driving in an RBI himself. So, can Vance Worley be rookie of the year? With a 9-1 record in a span of 16 games started, he has 2.65 ERA, 83 K’s and a BAA of .218. If he can keep pace, he can easily reach 13/14 wins before the post season. He must do this in order to be in contention for the award. Dontrelle Willis (2003) and Jason Jennings (2002) were the last to receive the award for the National League as pitchers. Each recorded at least 160 IP and had at least 14 wins. The same is true for the last American League winner, Justin Verlander (2006) when he recorded 186 IP and 17 wins. However, the AL is more inclined to give the award to a closer where out of the last 6 winners, 3 were closers.

The Manimal does crush all other previous winners by almost a point in ERA. Which, along with a few more wins, he should have no problem getting top votes for NL Rookie of the Year. He does have tough competition though, with Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel of Atlanta having breakout first years.

At the end of the day, award or no award, I hope this kid is here to stay in Philly. He brings a young intensity that will solidify this team when some of the vets start to fade off. With Pence and Mayberry as well, I love the youth and the passion they bring to the game.

See you at the Bank today @ 1:05 when Kendrick takes the mound.


Side notes:

– Mayberry

WHAT!!!! You are sick. Charlie needs to think twice on his LF for playoffs.


– Tom McCarthy

Why did you laugh in the bottom of the 4th when reading an ad for “Philly Phitness” whose soul purpose is to get kids in shape and not become obese? I thought you were a man of fitness…oh wait, you’re not because you have the biggest man boobs I have ever seen. My fantasy team is aptly named “Tom McCarthy’s Tits” in your honor.


– Sarge

Thanks for all the tips on how to survive an earthquake.

“We learned you need to get under a desk. In Philly, everyone was outside. I do not know why they were doing that…Philly should start some sort of program.”


****stay classy kids. Mr. K.