1 Week down, and panic has set in among many owners throughout the millions of leagues out there. There were many stellar performances from the guys we expected: Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Andre Johnson, etc… and some terrible performances from guys that some (including me) thought should fare pretty well: McNabb, Blount, Moreno… and some surprises (Steve Smith) that sent people to the waiver wire (Cam Newton). All in all, it was somewhat predictable, at least we think so. Not many surprises you can see results from last week’s start/sit at the bottom of the page.

Let’s get right to this week’s last-minute start/sit. Outside the obvious starters, here’s who who gets the starting nod in Week 2:

Rex Grossman, Wash QB: I like him so much this week it almost feels like an obvious must-start
Matthew Stafford, Det QB: Not too long until he’s an easy weekly start.
LeGarrette Blount, TB RB: Putting him on this list again. I feel a monster game brewing.
Santana Moss, Wash WR: Cards D is going to get lit up, have to like Moss’ chances here.
Joseph Addai, Indy RB: If he can’t get numbers against the Browns at home, then I’m not sure if he has any worth this season.
Greg Olson, Car TE: Green Bay will try to take away Steve Smith in the passing game, Cam will try to find this TE. He should be good for a TD and maybe a bigger game than that
Dallas Clark, Indy TE: see Joseph Addai
Mario Manningham, NYG WR: Looks like Hakeem Nicks might sit out… even if Nicks plays, he might be limited

Sleeper start:
Malcolm Floyd, SD WR:
There could be a lot of points flying around in this one, and Floyd is like Manute Bol compared to that Pats secondary. Gotta like the big guy in the red zone if you don’t have better options at WR.

“Start-worthy” players that I’d rather sit this week:
Kenny Britt, Tenn WR:
Last week he was on the “Start” list, this week, not looking good for Tennessee. He might struggle today. At some point, he will be an every-week starter if they solve their QB issue.
Shonn Greene, NYJ RB: I stayed away from the LT/Greene tandem on draft day for this very reason.
Cadillac Williams, StL RB: I don’t care if Jackson is hurt. He’s not Jackson
DeAngelo Williams, Car RB: I think Green Bay will find a way to keep this team in check this week
Felix Jones, Dal RB: Dallas’ depleted WR core should allow SanFran to focus on stopping Felix
Julio Jones, Atl WR: I almost don’t want to start Roddy White, but I don’t think this explosive rookie will come out this week against the Philly pass D


Week 1’s report card:

Outside the obvious, my fringe players to start last week:
Stafford (305yds, 3TDs, INT)
McNabb (39yds, TD, INT)
Mathews (45yds rushing, 3rec 73yds)
Tolbert (35 yds rushing, 9rec 58yds, 3TDs)
Blount (15 yds rushing)
Steven Jackson (56yd, TD… amazing game if he doesn’t get hurt)
Jahvid Best (72yds rushing, 4rec 42yds)
Kenny Britt (5rec 136yds 2TDs)
Santana Moss (6rec 76yds)
Cedric Benson (121yds TD)
Aaron Hernandez (7rec 103yds TD)
Knowshon Moreno (22yds, FUM, 2rec 35yds).
Andre Roberts as a sleeper was a bad call (2rec 21 yds). Although I still like him this year.
All in all: 3 terrible performances, 6 stellar performances, 2 good performances. Not too bad. But always room for improvement.

The players I suggested to sit:
Joseph Addai (39 yds, 2rec 13yds)
Chad Ochocinco (1rec 14yds)
Sidney Rice (0 … he never suited up)
AJ Green (1rec, 41yds TD)
Jeremy Maclin (1rec 20yds)
Steve Smith PHL (0)
Steve Smith CAR (8rec 178yds 2TDs… wow)
Reggie Bush (38yds rushing, 9rec 56yds TD)
Hines Ward (5rec, 67yds)
All in all: I blew the Steve Smith call, and Bush turned in a decent game. 5 duds, 2 average games.


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