A couple more surprise performances, a couple more injuries to star players, a couple more looks at the landscape of this year’s fantasy season. With Week 2 in the books, we look forward to Week 3 and see which players, outside the obvious, would get the starting nods for your team(s).

NOTE: Antonio Gates (SD, TE) is OUT today.

Kevin Kolb, AZ QB: He’s been pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good so far. But he should have his best week against Seattle
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QB: Similar to how we said last week that Stafford will soon be an every week starter, I believe Fitzpatrick will as well. Love him in a shootout with the Pats. I am actually benching Stafford for Fitzpatrick on one of my teams.
Anquan Boldin, Balt WR: Once a weekly must-start, now kind of inconsistent on this run-first team. I think he gets it going today on the St Louis turf.
Santana Moss, Wash WR: Is he approaching must-start mode? On my list for the third week in a row, hasn’t disappointed yet. Let it ride!
Daniel Thomas, Mia RB: Reggie Bush isn’t the guy, Thomas is… and Cleveland will be giving numbers up to someone.
Brandon Marshall, Mia WR: If Daniel Thomas isn’t getting yards & TDs, it’ll be Brandon Marshall. If Miami didn’t stink, Marshall would be a must-start every week.
Kenny Britt, Tenn WR: This is simply an apology to Mr. Britt. Had him on the start list week 1, sit list in week 2… He was a stud in both weeks. Start him this week and every week for the rest of the season. He’s amazing.
Jimmy Graham, NO TE: With Colston still out, this guy will get that many more looks in the red zone. Love him in this potential shootout.

Sleeper start:
Danny Woodhead, NE RB:
 Sleeper only because he’s the 2nd RB on a team that really doesn’t run the ball. He’s kinda like a flanker, which doesn’t really exist in the NFL. This is one of those games where Woodhead could go off for 2TDs, 90-110 all purpose yards, and begin to frustrate the Green-Ellis owners out there.

“Start-worthy” players that I’d rather sit this week:
Jay Cutler, Chicago QB:
 After getting lit up last week, look for the Packers to regroup. I see a 3+ INT game from Cutler.
Percy Harvin, Min WR: I have no idea what’s happening in Minnesota, but until they get the best athlete in the NFL the ball, they will prove to be incompetent as ever.
Reggie Wayne, Ind RB: What’s happening in Indy is gross. I feel for Wayne owners.
Ryan Grant, GB RB: Is it winding down for Grant? We’ll know in the next few weeks. Starks will probably emerge as the guy
CJ Spiller, Buf RB: Amazing talent, just not getting his shot because everything is working in Buffalo as-is. If it ain’t broke…


Week 2’s report card:

Outside the obvious, my fringe players to start last week:
Stafford (294yds, 4TDs, INT)
Grossman (291yds, 2TDs, 2INT)
Blount (71yds, 2TDs)
Santana Moss (5rec 61yds, TD)
Addai (64 yds rushing)
Greg Olson (1rec, 34yds)
Dallas Clark (4rec, 32yds, TD)
Manningham (3rec 56yds)
Malcolm Floyd as a sleeper  (2rec 59yds)

All in all: 1 stellar performance, 3 good performances, and a few average. We have learned a few things after this week, and yes, only week 2. but… Joseph Addai and the Colts in general can only be started if you’re desperate. Absolutely amazing how stale that offense is without Manning. And Stafford has entered an almost must-start zone, something we figured would happen anyway.

The players I suggested to sit:
Kenny Britt (9rec 135yds, TD)
Shonn Greene (2rec 6yds, 49yds rushing, TD)
Cadillac (3rec, 4yds, 36yds rushing)
DeAngelo Williams (4rec, 23yds, 13yds rushing)
Felix Jones (1rec 5yds, 25yds rushing)
Julio Jones (2rec, 29yds)

All in all: Blew the Kenny Britt call, but in my defense, last week I did write, “At some point, he (Britt) will be an every-week starter if they solve their QB issue.” But I blew it last week. I’ll never doubt Mr. Britt again. He’s already in weekly start status, regardless of the QB. Shonn Greene had a decent game only because of the TD, but the other 4 were absolute duds, so we pretty much nailed the sits, with the exception of Britt.


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