For those last-minute lineup changes, injuries playing a factor, last minute decisions, and more. Here is your list of the players, outside the obvious, that we would suggest you either start or sit this week.

NOTE: Daniel Thomas is out. Miami picked up Steve Slaton, don’t know how much playing time he’ll get if any, but Reggie Bush might see a bigger role with Thomas OUT.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB Pit: He’s a weekly on the fence guy, but this week he’s on the offensive side of the fence. I see a lot of points in this game, Big Ben should be able to rape the hell out of this defense, no problem.
James Starks, GB RB: With Ryan Grant OUT, Starks goes way up.
Cedric Benson, RB Cin: Best way to keep the Buffalo O off the field, run Cedric. He serves his suspension soon, so this is probably his last week for the month.
Tim Hightower: Play him while the Skins are playing well. Trade him if he blows up this week.
Mike Williams, WR TB:  He’s due… Monday night at home? Seems like the right time to shine.
Joseph Addai, RB Ind:  I feel like he’s been on one of these lists every week. But I think that the main beneficiary of the new look Colts will be Addai. If he can stay healthy, he might be a semi-productive contributor. 90 net yards per week with a TD. If your RB situation isn’t great and he’s on your team (like one of my teams), he’s a justifiable start this week.
Mario Manningham, WR NYG: Playing in St Louis’ dome? Hell yes.
AJ Green, WR Cin: If Cincinnati falls behind, you know they’ll be slinging the ball to this guy
Percy Harvin, WR Min: Must-start talent stuck on a team with a clueless coach and an incapable QB. However, they are playing a putrid KC defense, and I think Percy has a chance to shine this week.

Sleeper start:
Donovan McNabb, QB Min:
 What the hell, go ahead and add McNabb from league waivers and give him the vaunted “add/start” this week! McNabb tends to play extremely well against AWFUL teams, which gets everyone excited and thinking “the kid’s still got it!”. This should be one of them. I almost put McNabb in the start section, but you’d probably have to add him off waivers first, which would put him in the sleeper category. Coming off a week where the coach was questioning his mechanics, it’s a perfect opportunity for McNabb to give one of his patented “SEE?!?!?” performances. As in, “See, guys? I’m FINE” … If he can’t put up at least 275 yards and 3TDs, then I don’t know if he’ll finish the season as the starting QB.

Super-sleeper start:
Kendall Hunter, RB SF:
 Especially if Gore is out, then he is a great start. But I think you’ll see someone gash the hell out of that Eagles D until Castillo learns how to adjust in the game. Gore doesn’t have the speed or quickness to expose this, Hunter does. They’re in a time share as of now, but watch for Hunter to make the most out of this opportunity.

“Start-worthy” players that I’d rather sit this week:
Anquan Boldin, WR Bal:
Yes I think the whole myth of Revis is overstated, but he is very very good, and definitely good enough to take Boldin out of this game
Shonn Greene, RB NYJ: So glad I didn’t draft him
Marshawn Lynch, RB Sea: Can’t remember any time where I’ve seen a featured back just get dropped in a league. He’s talented, but Seattle is awful
Knowshon Moreno, RB Den: I really wish I didn’t draft him
Frank Gore, RB SF: Great matchup against Philly… but there’s something wrong with him. When a RB hits a wall, there are a few stages of acceptance. Denial is one of them, blaming his inadequacy on injury is another. We did it with Faulk, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes… I think the time has come for Gore.


Week 2’s report card:

Outside the obvious, my fringe players to start last week:
Kevin Kolb (252yds, 1TD, 2INTs)
Ryan Fitzpatrick (369yds, 2TDs, 2INT)
Anquan Boldin (7rec, 74yds)
Santana Moss (5rec 70yds)
Daniel Thomas (95 yds rushing, 3rec, 27yds 1TD)
Brandon Marshall (4rec, 43yds)
Kenny Britt (3rec, 18yds, FUM)*
Jimmy Graham (4rec 100yds, TD)
Danny Woodhead as a sleeper  (21yds rushing, 3rec 20yds)

All in all: Sorry to see Kenny Britt go down for the year. He’s a hell of a talent. Kolb is looking skittish and average, but there is time for him to get it going, I think. Woodhead as a sleeper was a bad pick, haven’t hit a sleeper pick at all yet. So need to get that going.

The players I suggested to sit:
Jay Cutler (302yds, 2TDs, 2INTs)
Percy Harvin (3rec 47yds, 41yds rushing)
Reggie Wayne (3rec, 24yds)
Ryan Grant (92yds rushing)
CJ Spiller (1rec -7yds, 3yds rushing)

All in all: Cutler had an good performance sans the 2 picks, Harvin continues to be underused, and Grant probably gave his final good performance before being relegated to backup status. But I feel for Reggie Wayne owners. You feel like you have to start him.


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