Well, the team to beat this year has been beaten. It was a disappointing evening in South Philadelphia Friday night, believe me, I was there. All I could do was walk out with a somber look on my face and keep to myself. A lot of others that night did not handle the loss in the same fashion. On the way down the ramp I saw some cursing to themselves, breaking things in the parking lot, raging like there was no tomorrow and taking their aggressions out on others by screaming and trying to be tough and fight. To top it off, K Lot smelled of urine and trash from all the debauchery that takes place before a game…GROSS shit, literally.

Philadelphia is passionate about their sports and I love it. That is what makes the games and the atmosphere in south Philly so exciting! On the other hand, when things like this happen people are so quick to want to jump off a ledge. Calm down people, it’s just a game. The better team during those 5 games won, it’s as simple as that. Of course we could have done 1,000 things better, but I am not going to even mention a one. We all know what they are. Sports talk after a loss is called for but some of these assholes calling in have no clue as to what baseball is, let alone on what the Phils shoulda, woulda, coulda done…..it’s down right annoying. It actually grinds my gears more than the loss itself.

What’s done is done, so lets look at some positives ahead:

– We all get to enjoy our October without having to be glued to the TV or going to the bar and adjusting our schedules around a game. Our wallets are already smiling too. Now get out there and live it – hayrides, pumpkins, October drinking fests, the chill in the air during a football game and of course slutty Halloween costumes! 😉

– The Flyers are 2 – 0 and have recorded their first shut out since before LAST season. This team looks promising, especially since they disposed of all their late night partying, drunkin’ asshole riff-Raff. With Couturier, Briere, Hartnell, Van Riemsdyk, Timonen, Pronger and JAGR (what?! Jagr is starting off beast like kids!), this team could do big things, especially as the underdogs – which in my mind is the best spot to be in. Do not forget the WINTER CLASSIC – gonna be intense, especially at CBP. So, hope to see ya down there – season tickets, 223. I’ll buy ya a beer…

– If the Birds keep sucking, REID will hopefully, FINALLY be outta Philly for good. Come on, Gruden……

– World Series Prediction: St. Louis over Detroit in 6.



– MR. K



  1. This series was the equivalant to the 2002 NFC Championship game vs the Bucs. There wasnt a soul in Philly who thought we would lose. The fact is the Cardinals can manufacture runs and the Phillies struggle to to do so. The problem with the lineup is idenity. As hard is it is for me to say, I think we should let go of Rollins and establish Victorino as the lead off hitter. I like Ultey in the two hole, because he can concentrate on getting on base as opposed to driving in runs. With the injury to Howard the Phillies should offer Ibanez a one year deal and Mayberry can fill in at first.

    The big piece struggled in the final 3 games. His injury on the last play of the game was just awful. I would of rather him strike out on three pitches and walk back to the dugout. He did have some good swings in the last game, but looked silly in games 3 and 4. He won the first game for doc, and gave cliff lee a two run lead in the second game, but it doesnt matter because the Phillies were outplayed in the final 3 games.

    Doc pithched his ass off Friday and not being able to scracth out a run is ashame. I give some credit to St Louis because they are a very good team, but we should have not lost this series.

    On a positive note this is still one hell of a team and they will be back in 2012!

  2. “on a positive note…they will be back in 2012”
    Really? Stop typing and drinking, it leads to false comments.

    Who is back? Doc…Yes (he’s still nasty every 5th day as is Cole). Cliff…Yup the guy who couldn’t hold a 4-run lead. M-Dog…GONE, so Bastardo is our closer. That doesn’t leave me feeling all fuzzy inside. Vance? He’s back, but my opinion is that he can’t reproduce the season he had so he will drop of a bit. Roy O is GONE so who is our 5th starter? Fat Joe? KK? Do you trust stutes and the baby bullpen? Ruiz is back and he’s a rock behind the dish, but offensively speaking he’s nothing to write home about. Howard will be out for a while and replaced by Big John Stud. I’m a huge Mayberry fan, but I am afraid that playing everyday will get him exposed and therefore when he returns to RF when our .250/30/100 first basmen returns our lineup will have even a bigger hole in it. I was a huge Utley fan, but I think his body is beat up and his better days are behind him. J-Roll? GONE. He will play the roll of returning MVP/WS winner to one of the bay area teams. Polly? He will still be hear and that is not good. He is still ok with the glove, but he can’t hit. His age leaves him hurting and missing too much time (him and chase) and that means more Martinez or Valdez (both whom have a less than average ability off the bench. The provide no lineup flexibility for Chuck.) Raul? Will probalby be back at a cheap rate b/c of Ryno’s injury. He should be supplanted by D Brown whom will underachieve leaving all of us local fans longing for Mike Trout (Millville/LAA)Shane. He’s back and our MVP. A WS team with an MVP hitting .280???? Does that work for you? Pence? He’s back and solid, but we see he can’t hit with an injury. So, let’s recap:

    JRoll — GONE- Bay area. Declining,but our best option
    Utley – HERE. getting old fast. Needs to stay healthy and can’t. His best days are behind him.
    Pence – HERE. Solid player, but not an All-Star
    Howard. HERE (sort of) injured (Jeff Hosp told him in July his achillies was going to burst soon) Down year coming
    Vic – Our MVP who can’t carry an offense. Will be a top of order with Jimmy gone. That’s a better spot for him.
    Raul – FA/ Maybe back b/c of Ryan’s injury declining. Not a key on a WS team. A nice bench player
    Polly- HERE- We have to pay him. Nobody will take him. Old, injured. Not a WS 3rd baseman anymore. (Remember Boggs was replaced by a hot Charlie Hays when the Yankees won it (radio stat)
    Ruiz- Here. Solid catcher and 8 hitter when a team is loaded like ’08. We expect him to do more and he won’t. Peter Principal.
    Pitching. Doc and Cole–ALL-Stars
    Lee – All star who choked in playoffs recently
    Roy O- GONE
    MadDog- GONE
    Lidge- Gone (thankfully)
    ODB-Our new closer. Can you trust him?

    I don’t know about you, but it’s time for RAJ to EARN his money. (we need some Moneyball guys)

    • Haha I havent been drinking too much these days but ill back up what I said. They will be back in 2012 because they got Halladay, Lee, and Hamels. You could throw the Cherokee Chiefs lineup out there and they would still win 90 games.

      This lineup will not work with Rollins and Victorino. They are both lead off hitters. I love Jimmy,the but Phillies 2 biggest concerns this offseason are locking up Hamels and Madson. Love Oswalt but with the top 3 guys a lock, Worley and Kendrick and maybe Blanton can fill in at 4 and 5. You cant have 5 20 million dollar pitchers.

      Give Ibanez a one year deal because we need production without Howard being there for the first couple months. Mayberry can fill in at first for the time being.

      Utley production has declined dramatically but he fits the 2 hole perfectly. He is the smartest player on the team and his role on this team is invaluable.

      This lineup wasnt great this past year and they still won 102 games. If this team can add one impact bat, a 3rd basemen or outfielder then they are set up for another run.

    • Great notes by both you and Phil, Steve. My guy at the Phillies confirmed that Jeff Hospital told Ryan an achillies blowout was imminent.