For those last-minute lineup changes, injuries playing a factor, last minute decisions, and more. Here is your list of the players, outside the obvious, that we would suggest you either start or sit this week.

Matt Cassel, QB KC: Been a hot commodity all week. Should fare well against the Oakland D.
Matt Hasselbeck, QB Ten: If you need to start Hasselbeck, this is a good week to do it
Marshawn Lynch, RB Sea: Great talent on a bad team, but playing against another bad team. Advantage, talent.
DeMarco Murray, RB Dal: Another hot commodity all week long… I love him at home against the Rams.
Eric Decker, WR Den:  Will be interesting to see who the Chosen One gravitates towards with the departure of Lloyd.
Jackie Battle, RB KC:  Probably one of the most furiously added players before last week’s bye, and his owners (me being one of them) are just dying to use him. Can he fill the void left by Jamaal? Just give me 67% of what he did, and I’ll be happy.
Ryan Torain, RB Wash: Will Shanahan play him? He should… and if he does, he’ll have a monster day
Daniel Thomas, Mia RB: Looked pretty decent last week, guy’s got some pretty sick ability. The Broncos D is NOT the Jets D, and SOMEONE has to step up in Miami on Tim Tebow day, right?
Pierre Garçon, WR Ind: OK, I just wanted to see how the cedilla (ç) looked on my site… AND Painter seems to love throwing to him. They should be behind PLENTY and Garçon will put up some numbers

Sleeper start:
Greg Little, WR Cle:
 Love this guy… wait for the monster performance against that shitty Seattle squad.

Super-sleeper start:
Knowshon Moreno, RB Den:
 Remember him? I wish I could forget drafting this bum. Hopefully him being healthy, younger, and a pass-catching RB will get him more looks. I’m thinking like 8 receptions per game when Tebow goes right to the screen pass outlet.

“Start-worthy” players that I’d rather sit this week:
Santonio Holmes, WR NYJ:
More of a name on this offense.
Percy Harvin, WR Min: Talk about a waste of talent… put this guy on a decent-to-good offense, and he’d be a weekly highlight reel. Shut down today though with a rookie QB against the best team in the NFL
Anquan Boldin, WR Bal: See “Santonio Holmes”… also, see the roster for my ESPN team. They are both on it. BTW, I am starting Jordy Nelson over both.
Sidney Rice, WR Sea: See “Anquan Boldin”. Charlie Whitehurst is slinging it today too… so go with a better option, like Greg Little!
Mike Williams, TB WR: Not sure how this game will pan out in London, but he has yet to show that you can trust him. Kind of a poor man’s Roddy White right about now

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