Being from New England you witnessed the greatest regular season in NFL history.  Having said that you also witnessed the helmet catch, Ellis Hobbs getting absolutely torched by Plaxico in the corner of the end zone, and arguably the biggest upset in professional sports history with the Giants punching the Patriots in the mouth in Super Bowl 42.  Yesterday was déjà vu all over again, an improbable catch down the middle late in the game, a late game touchdown by Eli to break New Englanders hearts, and Tom Brady’s offense being unproductive for a good portion of the game.  The blueprint to shutting down the Patriot offense may be there for the taking.  Rush four of five guys, drop 6 into coverage and send a safety or corner to run free as there is no deep threat present on this team.   Tough loss for my Patriots and they have an even bigger test coming on Sunday in New York.  Being 5-3 after the first week of November anywhere else in the league is a good thing.  Panic mode has set in for some New Englanders.  Frustrated here in Boston, I give you my Week Nine Power Rankings.

(#) Notates Last Weeks Rank

1)      Green Bay Packers (1) (8-0) – Want to beat the Packers?  Score more than 45 and hope your defense can contain Aaron Rodgers.  He is having a season much like Brady did last year, but this team is built to win it all.

2)      San Francisco 49’ers (3) (7-1) – The San Francisco 49’ers can clinch the NFC West by Thanksgiving.  That is a scary thought.  Alex Smith has thrown two INT’s all season and Frank Gore is punishing tacklers.

3)      Baltimore Ravens (5) (6-2) – Joe Flacco led a 90 yard drive to beat the Steelers on the road, that was the most impressive part of the Ravens win.  Also imagine what Ray Lewis is going to say about the crime levels if there is no NBA season?

4)      Detroit Lions (4)  (6-2) – The Lions will be well rested and ready to make a run at the Packers over the second half of the season, Megatron may also challenge Randy Moss’ touchdown record as well.

5)      New York Giants (8) (6-2) – Eli Manning showed he is an elite quarterback, and the Giants showed they have the recipe for success against a Tom Brady run offense.

6)      Pittsburgh Steelers (2) (6-3) – Pittsburgh’s defense let them down at the end of the game.  They were also a few Torrey Smith drops away from being not nearly as close as what it was.  These teams will meet again.

7)      New Orleans Saints (7) (6-3) – Drew Brees will break Dan Marino’s mark this year, however this defense in the fourth quarter can’t seem to shut the door on teams the way a championship team should.

8)      New England Patriots (6) (5-3) – Must win game for the Patriots in New York on Sunday night.  The opening line has them as underdogs, which is a scary thought.  A deep threat is needed to make this offense run to its full ability.

New Englanders Are Looking for That Deep Threat

9)   Houston Texans (10) (6-3)  – The Texans will end up winning the division and they end up getting healthy on defense and the Monster back at wide receiver, they could be in this for the long haul in the AFC.

10)  Cincinnati Bengals (14) (6-2) – A big win on the road for the Bengals, however it was against another pretender team in Tennessee.  Four games against the iron of the division are on the horizon and it starts this Sunday.

11)   Atlanta Falcons (11) (5-3) – Julio Jones made the catch of the year on Sunday.  We’ll see what this team is made of when they play the Saints on national television.

12)   New York Jets (13) (5-3) – Tom Brady and the Patriots are coming to town as the Jets are rolling and the Pats are reeling.  First place in the East is on the line Sunday night

13)   Chicago Bears (15) (5-3) – Jay Cutler didn’t get sacked and didn’t turn the ball over.  If he can do that, the Bears will be competitive in the NFC.  Lance Briggs had the game of his life on Monday Night.

14)      Buffalo Bills (9) (5-3) – George Wilson is making a case for Defensive Player of the Year.  Big AFC East matchup with the Jets on Sunday in Buffalo that will help shut the naysayers up with a win.

15)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) (4-4) – LeGarrette Blount punched a guy in the face for a15 yarder on Sunday, does that surprise anyone?

16)   Dallas Cowboys (21) (4-4) – Jerry Jones wants to know why Dez Bryant is still returning punts.  My least favorite owner in all of sports is the reason this team will never win another Super Bowl.

17)   San Diego Chargers (16) (4-4) – Too little too late for Phillip Rivers and the Chargers on Sunday.  Some of these interceptions are mind boggling.  Antonio Gates is playing on fumes, and that foot is in a lot worse than we think.

18)   Tennessee Titans (21) (4-4) – CJ2K woke up a little bit this weekend, but he is still missing that bottle rocket speed out of the backfield.  The Titans are still in it, but need to make a push in November against a relatively soft schedule.

19)   Kansas City Chiefs (22) (4-4) – The Chiefs had their chance to take sole possession of first place in the vision on Sunday and blew it by getting smoked by a Matt Moore quarterbacked team.

20)   Oakland Raiders  (12) (4-4) – Coming off a bye week and giving Carson Palmer two more weeks to learn the offense could be just what the doctor ordered.  Tim Tebow coming to town could also be beneficial as well.

21)   Philadelphia Eagles (20) (3-5) – Run the table and you make the playoffs, lose one and the Dream Team will be golfing in Boca Del Vista come January.

The Original Dream Team

22)   Washington Redskins (19) (3-5) – Go flush your toilet, that is the sound of the Redskins season.

23)   Cleveland Browns (23) (3-5) – Peyton Hillis is expected to miss another week.  However, he is signed up for the pregame football chucking contest poor hamstring and all.

24)   Seattle Seahawks (24) (2-6) – Pete Caroll is an annoying cheerleader.  Until this team drafts or signs a franchise quarterback, they will remain in the bottom of the NFC West and league as a whole.  They may be one of my least favorite teams in all of sports.

25)   Denver Broncos (28) (3-5) – The Broncos are suddenly one game out of first place in the AFC West.  John Fox says Timmy’s job is safe for another week.

26)   Carolina Panthers (25) (2-6) – You know who has been a huge disappointment this year, D’Angelo Williams.  This guy gets paid massive dollars in the off season and has done squat.  I don’t think he fits in a Cam Newton offense anyways.

27)   Jacksonville Jaguars (26) (2-5) – The Jaguars will give the Colts their first win on Sunday in Indianapolis and Jack Del Rio will be fired.

28)   Arizona Cardinals (30) (2-6) – Patrick Peterson is making his case for Defensive Rookie of the Year that much easier for the voters.

29)   St Louis Rams (27) (1-7) – I’m not sure how a team follows up beating one of the elite teams in the NFL to laying an offensive goose egg in Arizona.

30)   Minnesota Vikings (29) (2-6) – I can promise you Christian Ponder won’t have the kind of game he did in his last outing against the Packers on Monday night in Lambeau.

31)   Miami Dolphins (31) (1-7) – Brandon Marshall started a fight with Vonte Davis for being late to practice.  Yes that Brandon Marshall is becoming a leader.

32)   Indianapolis Colts (32) (0-9) – Dallas Clark going down just makes this whole situation that much worse for the Colts and people of Indianapolis.


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  1. Big game Sunday night… now that the Eagles are all but done (thank you, Juan Castillo), I will be paying more attention to the Detroit Lions and my fantasy teams.

  2. “Patrick Peterson is making his case for Defensive Rookie of the Year that much easier for the voters.”

    Making his case based on what? Special Teams play?

  3. Aldon Smith has 7 sacks, a forced fumble and a saftey. On pace to break the rookie sack record and just named defensive rookie of the month for October.

    Look him up.