First off I’d like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, and readers of this column.  The football season has one week left and then it’s on to playoffs.  I can’t say enough of how much I love this game and all the details that go into it.  Are there things I have no clue about, sure, but I’d take the NFL Draft and Scouting Combine over a Red Sox game any day!  I still think the Ravens come out of the AFC and the Saints come out of the NFC.  Too much fire power for the Saints on Offense and the leadership on defense will take the Ravens to the dance.   I think everyone wants to see Patriots/Packers.  Brady against Rodgers would shatter all ratings records.  I’m pulling for it, but I don’t think it happens.  Not with eleven undrafted players starting for the Patriots.  However, with the New Year right around the corner I’d like to wish each of you a very safe, happy, and profitable 2012. 

(#) Notates Last Weeks Rank

1)     Green Bay Packers (1) (14-1) – Aaron Rodgers 5 TD performance on Christmas Night was a reminder to MVP voters, that award belongs to him this year.

2)      New Orleans Saints (2) (12-3) – Congrats to Drew Brees for breaking Dan Marino’s record on MNF.  It also helps he has thrown the ball 50 more times than Brady. (That is my homer dig for the week.)

3)     New England Patriots (3) (12-3) – I’m still not convinced the Patriots are a Super Bowl team yet. 

4)     Baltimore Ravens (4) (11-4) – These guys are representing the AFC in the Super Bowl this year.

5)      San Francisco 49’ers (5) (12-3) – The Niners had a scare in Seattle on Saturday but then again a lot have teams have lately.

6)     Pittsburgh Steelers (6) (11-4) – Charlie Batch won a football game.  Never thought I’d say those words again.

7)      Detroit Lions (8) (10-5) – Matthew Stafford has quietly put together an amazing year.  Lions will be a tough match up for anyone in the playoffs.

8)      Atlanta Falcons (7) (9-6) – Atlanta got manhandled in New Orleans against a defense that really isn’t that good.

9)  Cincinnati Bengals (14) (9-6) – Jerome Simpson had moves that would make Alicia Sacramone jealous.

10)   New York Giants (12) (8-7) – A showdown for all the marbles on Sunday Night.  I’d love to see Eli take down Jerry’s kids.

11)     Houston Texans (9) (10-5) – Whoever plays Houston during Wild Card weekend will be heading to New England.  I’m praying it’s the Bengals.

12)   Denver Broncos (10) (8-7) – Denver was putrid in all phases of the game on Saturday.  I pray they don’t make it into the playoffs, I’d rather see Oakland.

13)   Dallas Cowboys (13) (8-7) – Tony Romo’s hand looked BAD during the late game on Saturday.

14)   Oakland Raiders (16) (8-7) – If any team deserves a playoff bid this year it’s these guys.

15)   Tennessee Titans (15) (8-7) – Chris Johnson took an injection before the game on Saturday, it didn’t show. However the Titans didn’t need it and benefited from a few other teams losing as well.

16)   New York Jets (11) (8-7) – When is Rex Ryan going to learn to keep his mouth shut.  The more he talks, the more pressure he puts on his players that clearly can’t handle it.

17)   Philadelphia Eagles (21) (7-8) – Consistency is what plagued the Eagles this year, plain and simple.

18)   San Diego Chargers (18) (7-8) – So much for the Chargers winning the AFC West talk, Norv Turner will be gone in two weeks. 

19)   Seattle Seahawks (19) (7-8) – The Seahawks scored a rushing TD for the first time this year against the Niners.  It was  a good moral victory for the birds.

20)   Arizona Cardinals (20) (7-8) – Early Doucet is the scapegoat in this one.  If he doesn’t slip and fall, the Cardinals probably win that game.

21)   Chicago Bears (17) (7-8) – Losing your starting QB and RB with 6 games to go didn’t help the Bears cause this year.   These guys need to address the safety position as well as WR.

22)   Carolina Panthers (28) (6-9) – Cam is the real deal.  This guy continues to make draw dropping plays.

23)   Kansas City Chiefs (25) (6-9) – KC is another team, like the Bears, who lost their starting QB and RB.  They also lost their TE and SS as well.

24)  Miami Dolphins (23) (5-10) – I was close on my upset hunch with Miami coming into New England.  Nobody makes adjustments on the fly like BB and the Patriots though.

25)   Buffalo Bills (24) (5-10) – Buffalo either has flashes of brilliance or Denver can be that bad.  I’m not sure yet.

26)   Washington Redskins (26) (5-10) – Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.   Start with the QB position.

27)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) (4-11) – Bye Bye Raheem.

28)   Jacksonville Jaguars (27) (4-11) – MJD needs a supporting cast behind him.  Blaine Gabbert is not the answer at QB either.

29)   Minnesota Vikings (30) (3-12) – Poor Adrian Peterson.  Not only did his MCL become swiss cheese, his ACL did as well.

30)   Cleveland Browns (29) (4-11) – Seneca Wallace sounds like the name of an SUV.

31)   St Louis Rams (31) (2-13) – Coach Spags will be part of the coaching causalities as well.

 32)   Indianapolis Colts (32) (2-13) – Go look at Jim Irsay’s Twitter timeline.  I promise it will make you chuckle.


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