Great sports anthems are a lot like great mascots: Corny enough to not take seriously, but enough substance to not be a total embarrassment. That perfect recipe makes the Sixers’ new/old anthem burst with that feel-good “Saturday morning cartoon happiness” that the 80s emulated. Can’t get enough of this song! Lots of credit to 76ers CEO and Co-Owner Adam Aron for this and many other great decisions to date.

Philadelphians are looking for anything to be excited about in the sports world, and the Sixers are giving it to us on a silver platter. Can they win the NBA title this year? Who cares? If they can go out there and give us some good basketball night in & night out without the egos and without that “me” guy that basketball has become plagued with, then I am more than happy to come out and support them. It’s the brand of basketball that I grew up on.



Video courtesy of YouTube’s Rascalvision

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