Each week Mike Angelina will share his picks on the Eagles, a game against the spread in both NFL and NCAA, a Suicide Pool Pick, a 3-team tease, as well as a fantasy player to make sure you start. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeAngelina

Eagles Pick: Eagles fans will likely always start handicapping an Eagles game by trying to figure out a scenario in which the Eagles win, like “the defense holds them to 17 and McCoy runs for 150 yards.” While that particular scenario isn’t impossible, I frankly find more scenarios in which the Colts win than the Eagles win. Let’s establish the challenge the Eagles face, first: they are going on the road for Monday Night Football against a quarterback that nearly beat the AFC’s best team. Indianapolis’s promising young quarterback, Andrew Luck, is 10-0 coming off a loss. The Eagles probably fall to an AFC team, making for a not-so-damaging loss.

Pick: Colts, ATS: Eagles +3

NFL Against the Spread Pick: This is a gut pick that I hope I’m wrong about. I think the Giants actually pull one out in their home opener against the Cardinals, having to travel to the East Coast after playing a (sloppy) late Monday night game. The Cardinals are in a tough spot defensively, losing John Abraham and already being depleted. I’ll take the home team getting points.

Pick: Giants +2.5

NCAA Against the Spread Pick: Penn State is off to a solid start to the season, and frankly, I’ve think they have underperformed in their two games. In some respects, like the play calling and quarterback Christian Hackenberg forcing throws. They’re a much better team than Rutgers, and as a three-point favorite, chances are if they win the game they’ll cover. I think they cap off their big week with a solid, convincing win.

Pick: Penn State -3

Suicide Pool Pick: This is a tough card for the suicide pool. It’s one of those weeks you have to take the sure thing and can’t look ahead and peak at potential candidates to save. That said, give me the home team with the best chance to win, the Denver Broncos. By the way, Vegas agrees with me that they are most likely to win, having the highest point spread.

Pick: Denver

NFL Three-Team Tease:

  • Saints +3.5
  • Broncos -2
  • Packers +2

Fantasy/Fan Duel Star of the Week: We just got a look at how poor the Jacksonville secondary is (well, everyone except Nick Foles saw it), so can’t go wrong with a burner that can expose it. If you have Desean Jackson, this is one of those weeks in which he gets the majority of his points…before being silenced for a few weeks.

Start him: DeSean Jackson