“Whooo wants to have some fun? Now, are you just saying you wanna have fun or do you really wanna have fun?!?” – Kramer

“I really wanna have fun.” – Jerry

“I’m just saying I wanna have fun.” – George


As I get older, Eagles games become more and more like a chore and less, overall, fun. I know.  Waaaahh, poor Darren.  But it’s a long day and when you work as much as I do and are a very hands-on Dad, those Sundays take a lot out of you.  There are few games that, soup to nuts, are just plain ole’ fun.  Sunday night was one of them.  The Linc was electric, the crowd was rockin’, the game was never in doubt.  Oh, and the tailgate was spectacular (more on that later).

It’s been a long time since I laughed for four quarters and slept well after an Eagles game, even with all the recent wins. Especially, when you factor in the pre-game stress always associated with playing the Giants and the schedule; with the bye week looming, there will be two weeks to lavish or two weeks to sulk.  So much on the line and no fan broke a sweat Sunday night.  Now, the season isn’t even half way over.  Dallas may not be as good as they look, but they sure do look good.  Seattle wasn’t going to go 15-1 but it sure is nice to see them with a 2 in the loss column already.  Temper long term expectations but I’m really going to enjoy this.  I’ll sleep well for a while.  Because last night, I was fifteen years old again, cheering and hugging like I was watching Randall and Seth and Reggie and Jerome.  It was a great way to cap off a great weekend.  Hope you found it as enjoyable as I did.


Here are YOUR Week 6 NFL Notes & Musings…


Houston receiver Andre Johnson is now the 15th player in NFL history to record over 13,000 yards.


Shane Lechler set a Texans franchise record with a 71 yard punt against Indy this past Thursday.


Tom Brady is now 23-2 against Buffalo. That’s an incredible statistic.


The Panthers and Bengals ended in a 37-37 tie on Sunday. (Cue the Donovan McNabb joke.)  It was the highest scoring tie in NFL history.  Bengals kicker Mike “Don’t call me Alex Henery” Nugent missed a 36 yard field goal attempt on the last play of overtime.


How about this? Cleveland routed division foe Pittsburgh, 31-10.  In doing so, Browns starting quarterback Brian Hoyer was a mere 8 of 17 for 217 yards.  That’s over 27 yards per completion.


Detroit’s win at Minnesota was only their 2nd in their last 17 trips.  Another 2 missed field goal attempts for the Lions, these last by their third kicker on the year, Mike Prater.


Best tight end in the NFL? My money is on Denver’s Julius Thomas.


Let this sink in: In three weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been beaten by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cleveland Browns.  Tampa in the last four weeks has lost to Atlanta 56-14 and Baltimore 48-17.  Time fer some changes fer um, da Stillers.


Anyone care that Tennessee beat Jacksonville 16-14? Anyone?  Ok.  Moving on.


Titans return man Leon Washington has now racked up 7,000 yards just on kickoff returns.


The Oakland Raiders have now lost 11 straight games. The Washington Redskins have now lost 4 straight and 13 of their last 14.


So many teams struggling to find a kicker…Arizona rookie Chandler Catanzaro is 14 of 14 on field goal attempts.


The most rushing yards Seattle had allowed to one running back this year prior to Sunday was 38. Dallas’ DeMarco Murray carried the ball 29 times for 115 yards as the Cowboys improved to 5-1 for the first time since 2007.


Welcome back, Lesean McCoy. Shady ran all over the Giants early and often for 149 yards.  Nick Foles, while making some spectacular throws, still makes me nervous.  Those were 2 horrible interceptions that he threw.  I’m thinking the bye week is coming at a good time for him.  Sometimes, you need to get your brain away from the game.  That said, Foles is 13-3 in his last 16 as a starter so give the guy a break.


And finally, as if my wife doesn’t get enough praise on here, I want to thank her for somehow surprising me with a big 40th birthday tailgate on Sunday.  She, according to my one buddy, started the wheels in motion during the summer to get all of my friends and family together at our normal tailgate spot.  I took a few looks around that day and thought, “man, I’m lucky.  Lot of great people here.  Didn’t think I was that nice a guy.”  It turned in to a great party that carried over in to the Linc, making the entire day a one big, fantastic lifelong memory.  If you’re reading this and you were there, thank you.  I love you.  You all made my day and make my life.


This is how I was celebrated.  Good grief.
This is how I was celebrated. Good grief.
My girls.  Happy Birthday to me!
My girls. Happy Birthday to me!










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Speaking of the coming weekend, it’s the Eagles’ bye week and I’m off to Nashville for a few days of good music and great bourbon so I won’t be on with Big Daddy Graham on Sportsradio 94WIP but I’ll be back for the rest of football season on Fridays from 2am to 5:30am starting October 24th.


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