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A New Hit is a likely free agent in most leagues that could be on the verge of a big week, and even regular production down the road. Some will be well known, some will be somewhat unproven & unknown. But it is much easier to scoop up a new hit BEFORE the waiver wire protocol hits on Tuesday, where you will have to wait your turn. Get on our New Hits before they blow up and get on your league’s radar.

moncriefDonte Moncrief, WR, Colts: Our first “New Hits” repeat, Donte made his first appearance a couple of weeks ago. The analysis is still the same — here’s the excerpt:
“The Colts top receivers — Wayne, Hilton, Allen, Fleener — are gobbling up most of the passes thrown by Luck (not including screen dumpoffs to Bradshaw & Nicks). The “5th” receiver, Hakeem Nicks, has 150 TOTAL yards through 6 weeks, and catches just over 50% of the passes thrown to him by one of the best QBs in football. That’s a troubling stat for the former Giants bust. That means he has terrible hands, can’t get open, and/or he’s lost a few steps. He’s likely on his way out. Just like Trent Richardson, he’s a big name standing in the way of lesser known talent on the roster. Enter Donte Moncrief, the rookie out of Ole Miss. He has good size (6’2″, 221 lbs), and has very good speed (4.4). He could replace Nicks in the #3 slot, and if anything were to happen to Hilton or Wayne (Wayne is getting up there), he could slip into the #2 slot.”
He’s had a big week since. If he has even an average game on the Monday night stage, you can bank on waiting on the waiver wire or spending more than the $0 it’ll cost if you grab him before kickoff.
Bottom line: Add now — you can start him if you’re desperate this week. But his upside is huge, and worth the roster spot.

juwanJuwan Thompson, RB, Broncos: This feels a little reactionary to his 2TD vulturing performance last week, but it has more to do with knowing he’s the next in line should something happen to Ronnie Hillman, who is nursing a sore shoulder. Hillman is a smaller back (5’9″, 195) that is likely to get banged up. Even if Ball heals up (groin injuries linger much like toe injuries and high ankle sprains), he was extremely ineffective as a healthy starter and would probably not be handed a starting role right away. During all this transition, it looks like the 5’11” 225lb Juwan Thompson will at the very least be the goal line back, with a chance for that role to expand (has decent speed for a big guy too). If he was playing for the Jaguars, he wouldn’t even be on our radar. But he’s playing for one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL, and being in a position to fall into the end zone 1-2 times a game, and maybe grab 60-90 yards on top of that makes you a viable starter in any format.
Bottom line: Add & Stash if you have room. Huge upside given the lack of depth on the roster, and the amount of talent on that offense.

And now for this Week’s player rankings…
It’s common sense, but if you have to decide between two players on this list, take the one that is ranked higher. If your player does not appear on this list, then he’s probably not very startable in most 10-12 team leagues. (Note, these rankings are based on PPR leagues)


1. DEN Peyton Manning
2. IND Andrew Luck
3. PHI Nick Foles
4. SF Colin Kaepernick
5. NE Tom Brady
6. SD Philip Rivers
7. CIN Andy Dalton
8. KC Alex Smith
9. MIA Ryan Tannehill
10. ARI Carson Palmer
11. SEA Russell Wilson
12. NYG Eli Manning
13. BAL Joe Flacco
14. PIT Ben Roethlisberger
15. CLE Brian Hoyer


1. HOU Arian Foster
2. DEN Ronnie Hillman
3. SEA Marshawn Lynch
4. DAL DeMarco Murray
5. PIT LeVeon Bell
6. IND Ahmad Bradshaw
7. KC Jamaal Charles
8. ARI Andre Ellington
9. SD Branden Oliver
10. PHI LeSean McCoy
11. CIN Giovani Bernard
12. MIA Lamar Miller
13. BAL Justin Forsett
14. NE Shane Vereen
15. TB Bobby Rainey
16. WAS Alfred Morris
17. NYG Andre Williams
18. NYJ Chris Ivory
19. IND Trent Richardson
20. SF Frank Gore
21. MIN Jerick McKinnon
23. JAC Denard Robinson
24. CLE Ben Tate
25. PHI Darren Sproles


1. PIT Antonio Brown
2. DEN Demaryius Thomas
3. IND T.Y. Hilton
4. DEN Emmanuel Sanders
5. PHI Jeremy Maclin
6. DAL Dez Bryant
7. CLE Andrew Hawkins
8. BAL Steve Smith
9. ARI Larry Fitzgerald
10. CIN Mohamed Sanu
11. KC Dwayne Bowe
12. NE Julian Edelman
13. MIA Mike Wallace
14. HOU DeAndre Hopkins
15. HOU Andre Johnson
16. TB Mike Evans
17. SF Anquan Boldin
18. NYG Rueben Randle
19. CIN Green (check status)
20. NE Brandon LaFell
21. ARI Michael Floyd
22. WAS Pierre Garcon
23. NYG Odell Beckham Jr.
24. DAL Terrance Williams
25. WAS DeSean Jackson
26. CLE Miles Austin
27. TB Vincent Jackson
28. OAK James Jones
29. JAC Allen Robinson
30. ARI John Brown
31. SF Michael Crabtree
32. NYJ Percy Harvin
33. SD Eddie Royal
34. OAK Andre Holmes
35. SD Keenan Allen


1. NE Rob Gronkowski
2. CAR Greg Olsen
3. DEN Julius Thomas
4. SD Antonio Gates
5. KC Travis Kelce
6. DAL Jason Witten
7. PHI Zach Ertz
8. NYG Larry Donnell
9. IND Dwayne Allen
10. WAS Jordan Reed
11. CIN Jermaine Gresham
12. PIT Heath Miller
13. JAC Clay Harbor
14. SF Vernon Davis
15. NYJ Jace Amaro

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