Here are my thoughts on the bye week.  You wait two weeks for your team to take the field again, and pray teams that you could give two craps about, beat up on each other both in your division and in your conference.  This came to fruition for Patriots fans this weekend. While winning in New England has been plentiful on Sundays over the last decade, we’ve gotten to the point where winning happens even when the Patriots have the week off.  The Bills and Dolphins began flaunting their true colors yesterday, and started losing once the calendar hit November.  Miami got manhandled at the line of scrimmage by a more physical Lions team on the road, and the Bills reverted back to being Buffalo at home in upstate New York.  This gave the Patriots a two game cushion heading into week eleven of the NFL season.  The bye week is typically a week for players to get away from the game, get their bodies right, and start preparing for the stretch run towards the playoffs.  For fans it is usually the weekend where they have to do those things around the house that the wife has been nagging them to do for months.

Patriot fans and media have started to come around and are believing in this team.  They have strung together some impressive wins against some quality opponents.  I still need to see them do it on the road.  They are in the middle of their toughest part of the schedule heading to Indianapolis to play The Neck Beard.  Panic mode, as I stated last week, had set in all over the region, and rightfully so.  What I find comical is the owner himself went on national radio this week and admitted he was worried.  But there is still the .00001 percent of the fan base of there that SWEARS there was no panic from them.

Regardless this is the best time of the year as a football fan.  Some of us are preparing for playoff positioning, while others are scouting the NCAA talent for the 2015 draft. Speaking of the NCAA, is there a bigger fraud/piece of garbage than Winston from FSU?  I could write five pages on this clown, but won’t glorify his lack of class, smarts, or anything other than football.  Having said that, we’ve all got something to play  look forward to as the weather turns colder and holiday season creeps up on us.


Also, do me a favor and check out a good friend of mine, and 2012 US Judo Olympian, Kyle Vashkulat’s survey for a course he is taking to further his ed-ja-ma-cation.

Siena Survey for a Good Dude


1)   Arizona Cardinals (8-1) – The Cardinals won a divisional game at home on Sunday, but lost their quarterback for the season.  I think it is safe to say someone other than Arizona will be dressing in their locker room come February.

2)   New England Patriots (7-2) – The owner came out and said he was panicked after the debacle in Kansas City.  Don’t tell that to the fans here though, they won’t believe it.  Tommy had a week off to figure out how to pick on Darius Butler and Sergio Brown.

3)  Philadelphia Eagles (7-2) – The results you saw on Monday Night are more of a reflection on Chip Kelly’s offense, than the guy under center.

4)  Denver Broncos (7-2) – Manning beat up on the Raiders.  He gets to do the same to the Rams this weekend.

5)  Seattle Seahawks (6-3) – Beast Mode.

6)   Detroit Lions (7-2) – I still don’t believe in the Lions.  Is it crazy to think they end up 10-6?  I’m predicting it now.

7)   Indianapolis Colts (6-3) – Dear Neck Beard, Ventriloquist Head Coach, Cast Offs from New England Secondary, and Pill Popping Owner, my Patriots are coming for you.

8)    Dallas Cowboys (7-3) – Twenty guys missing curfew = twenty four point win for the Cowboys.

9)    Green Bay Packers (6-3) – I hope Aaron Rodgers grows that mustache again so he can look like Vito’s gay lover from the Sopranos.

10)   Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) – Well there goes the Pittsburgh is a real threat in the AFC talk.

11)    Baltimore Ravens (6-4) – I still think the Ravens win the division….. easily.

12)   Cleveland Browns (6-3) – Cleveland is another group of pretenders.  They will be an eight win team.

13)    Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) – The world champions are coming for a visit to Arrowhead this week.

14)    San Francisco 49ers (5-4) – I wonder if Harbaugh and company are going to make me eat my words come December?

15)  Miami Dolphins (5-4) – May the downward spiral begin for the Dolphins.

16)    San Diego Chargers (5-4) – San Diego needed a week off to “recharge” the batteries.  See what I did there?

17)    Cincinnati Bengals (5-3-1) – You lost to Cleveland, at home, on Devon Still’s night.   No sack.

18)   New Orleans Saints (4-5) – Nobody wants to win the NFC South apparently.

19)    Buffalo Bills (5-4) – I put the over/under on Buffalo’s win total at 7.   I think we may push.

20)    Carolina Panthers (3-6-1) – Things are going from bad to worse for Riverboat Ron.

21)   Washington Redskins (3-6) – Think RG3 goes off this week?  I’m expecting a huge game from him coming off the bye week.

22)    Houston Texans (4-5) – Let the Ryan Mallett show commence in Houston.

23)    Atlanta Falcons (3-6) – Every game becomes a must win for Matty Ice and company.

24)   St Louis Rams (3-6) – The Rams played the ugliest fourth quarter of football I’ve ever seen on Sunday.

25)   New Jersey Giants (3-6) – The G-Men looked like the Little Giants on run defense in the Pacific Northwest.

26)   Chicago Bears (3-6) – Is there a professional athlete more disinterested than Jay Cutler?

27)   Minnesota Vikings (4-5) – I’ll bet you a box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese that AP is back before Thanksgiving.

28)   New Jersey Jets (2-8) – How on earth did the Jets have all of those draft picks and fan on the deepest WR class in recent memory?

29)   Tennessee Titans (2-7) – Tennessee is hosting a Monday Night game next week.  Why?

30)   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8) – Josh McCown said it best.  1-8.

31)    Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) – London Bridge and the Jaguars are falling further down than we thought imaginable.

32)   Oakland Raiders (0-9) – Oakland looked sharp for the first seven minutes of Sunday’s game.


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