Each week Mike Angelina will share his picks on the Eagles, a game against the spread in both NFL and NCAA, a Suicide Pool Pick, a 3-team tease, as well as a fantasy player to make sure you start. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeAngelina

Eagles Pick: The Eagles are the better team in this match-up. Seriously. X and O the Eagles and the Packers, and you see the Eagles have the advantage in the front seven, the o-line and their backs and receivers against the Packers’ secondary. The quarterback is the most important position, and Green Bay obviously has the best one, but the Eagles have enough around the QB position to make up the deficit. I do not think there will be any substantial effect of playing in a short week—I didn’t see any side effects coming off the Colts game. It will be a shoot out, one that comes down to the fourth quarter, but Shady McCoy and the Eagles will prevail.

Pick: Eagles, ATS: Eagles +6

NFL Against the Spread Pick: I chalk last week’s Steelers’ loss as simply a bad game after playing a physical, emotional win against their rival, the Baltimore Ravens. They just had a let-down game and overlooked a Jets team Rex Ryan still rallies up to play. Those same Ravens played the Titans last week, and while the Ravens looked sluggish themselves, the Titans could barely move the ball with rookie QB Zach Mettenberger. I doubt the Steelers put up a stinker again on Monday Night Football, and they will likely win by two or three touchdowns.

Pick: Steelers -6

NCAA Against the Spread Pick: Penn State versus Temple is not a bitter rivalry like the recent years of LSU and Alabama, but it still is a bit of a rivalry nonetheless. They play each other annually and for fans in the Philadelphia region that went to either Penn State or Temple, it’s a fun game to get up for and watch. Typically, games are not blowouts because even the inferior team brings it’s ‘A’ material. You can make a lot of money betting heavy underdogs in rivalry games because as noted these are tight, grind-them-out games. Penn State isn’t blowing many teams out this year, and the game means absolutely nothing for them. It would mean a whole lot though if Temple beat PSU for the first time in 30 games.

Pick: Temple +11

Suicide Pool Pick: We’ve had success in the last two weeks now going by this strategy: pick against the Raiders. They go on the road to play the Chargers, a solid football team. Still not sold? The Chargers are coming off a bye so the only thing they have focused on for the last two weeks is to go win this game against this pathetic team.

Pick: San Diego

NFL Three-Team Tease:

  • Chargers pk
  • Seahawks +12
  • Broncos +2.5

Fantasy/Fan Duel Star of the Week: Teams are still out on bye weeks, so you may be in a pinch for a quarterback. Here’s a guy that may likely be available in waivers for you: Robert Griffin III. The Redskins are coming off the bye and have an easy opponent in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Griffin can of course beat you both on the ground and in the air, and the Buccaneers are allowing 21 points per game to quarterbacks when playing on the road, which they will do in Washington.

Start him: Robert Griffin III

Picks Record last week: 5-0 Season: 24-18-1