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A New Hit is a likely free agent in most leagues that could be on the verge of a big week, and even regular production down the road. Some will be well known, some will be somewhat unproven & unknown. But it is much easier to scoop up a new hit BEFORE the waiver wire protocol hits on Tuesday, where you will have to wait your turn. Get on our New Hits before they blow up and get on your league’s radar.

Note: posting one New Hit since he’s playing today. On Saturday, I’ll post a few more Hits that you might want to snatch up for your playoff run.

polkChris Polk, RB Eagles: He appeared on here a few weeks ago, and I am putting him on here today since the Eagles will be front & center for the entire nation to see. It looks like Shady is running better, and that is a great thing for McCoy owners & Eagles fans. Love the guy, and I want to see him succeed. I do think that the Eagles will make a dedicated commitment to the running game today in order keep that Cowboys defense on its heels, and basically beat them down. When I say dedicated, I mean more than they have all season. They won’t run Shady 30 times. Likely 20-ish, add in some Sproles runs… but there could be a small dose Polk, especially on those tough yards & goal line situations. He’s not startable today, but if he provides some significant contribution (TD + 4.5ypc), you know that other owners in your league will be putting waiver claims on him come Tuesday. And If you’re a McCoy owner, he’s a must-own. So you might as well grab him before the waiver process starts.

This is what I wrote previously, and my take on him has not changed:
He’s the clear “next in line” to the pre-season consensus #1 pick — who has been a total bust this season. If Shady goes down, will Polk be any better? The difficult answer here — as an Eagles (and McCoy) fan — is YES. I don’t think Polk is better: I think he’s hungrier, less timid, and has less wear & tear… I also think Shady is banged up from the concussion from Washington. Polk would be putting up 2013 Shady numbers if he got 20 carries/game. He hits the hole immediately, he’s a load (5’11”, 212), and he’s got great speed. McCoy seems to be off, so I wonder if he’s hurt — he’s dancing in the backfield and struggling for 2-3 yards, avoiding contact, etc. No wonder Chip can’t stick with the running game. Polk will not overtake McCoy’s spot as the starter unless McCoy gets hurt. But if McCoy DOES get hurt (and nobody is wishing that), then Polk would assume the main RB role. If this were to happen, you’d be getting RB1 stats through the fantasy playoffs. Grab him if he’s still available.
Bottom Line: Lottery ticket. Add if available and stash.

1. IND Andrew Luck
2. DEN Peyton Manning
3. GB Aaron Rodgers
4. DAL Tony Romo
5. NO Drew Brees
6. NE Tom Brady
7. PHI Mark Sanchez
8. PIT Ben Roethlisberger
9. MIA Ryan Tannehill
10. CAR Cam Newton
11. SF Colin Kaepernick
12. DET Matthew Stafford
13. SEA Russell Wilson
14. TB Josh McCown
15. ARI Drew Stanton


1. PIT LeVeon Bell
2. DAL DeMarco Murray
3. KC Jamaal Charles
4. GB Eddie Lacy
5. DEN C.J. Anderson
6. CHI Matt Forte
7. BAL Justin Forsett
8. NYG Rashad Jennings
9. SEA Marshawn Lynch
10. PHI LeSean McCoy
11. HOU Alfred Blue or Arian Foster
12. ARI Andre Ellington
13. STL Tre Mason
14. JAC Denard Robinson
15. NO Mark Ingram
16. WAS Alfred Morris
17. OAK Latavius Murray
18. IND Dan Herron
19. MIN Jerick McKinnon
20. DET Joique Bell
21. CIN Giovani Bernard
22. BUF Fred Jackson
23. MIA Lamar Miller
24. TEN Bishop Sankey
25. CIN Jeremy Hill


1. DAL Dez Bryant
2. PIT Antonio Brown
3. DEN Emmanuel Sanders
4. DEN Demaryius Thomas
5. GB Randall Cobb
6. CIN A.J. Green
7. IND T.Y. Hilton
8. GB Jordy Nelson
9. DET Calvin Johnson
10. NYG Odell Beckham Jr.
11. PHI Jeremy Maclin
12. PHI Jordan Matthews
13. TB Mike Evans
14. DET Golden Tate
15. ARI Michael Floyd
16. CAR Kelvin Benjamin
17. CLE Josh Gordon
18. ATL Julio Jones
19. HOU DeAndre Hopkins
20. NE Brandon LaFell
21. ARI John Brown
22. NE Julian Edelman
23. TB Vincent Jackson
24. SF Anquan Boldin
25. ATL Roddy White
26. BAL Torrey Smith
27. CHI Brandon Marshall
28. JAC Cecil Shorts III
29. NO Marques Colston
30. TEN Kendall Wright
31. BAL Steve Smith
32. BUF Robert Woods
33. WAS DeSean Jackson
34. CHI Alshon Jeffery
35. MIA Jarvis Landry


1. NO Jimmy Graham
2. NE Rob Gronkowski
3. DAL Jason Witten
4. TEN Delanie Walker
5. CAR Greg Olsen
6. DEN Julius Thomas
7. NYG Larry Donnell
8. SD Antonio Gates
9. MIA Charles Clay
10. KC Travis Kelce
11. PIT Heath Miller
12. IND Coby Fleener
13. CHI Martellus Bennett
14. MIN Kyle Rudolph
15. BAL Owen Daniels

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