Here we are, the Semi-Finals of the Fantasy Playoffs. If you’re still standing, congrats. At this point, there is no room for error. I said last week that this is the time of the year where you don’t take chances with the long-shots, BUT…

cole… I will make one suggested add/start, and it’s truly a desperation play. I mean DESPERATE, as in you have a couple of injured guys, the waiver wire is thin, and your best apparent option is a Marquis Lee or a Derek Hagan. A guy worth rolling the dice on this week is Dallas WR Cole Beasley. He is shaping into Romo’s #2 receiver, and with the attention the Eagles are going to give to Dez Bryant this week, this slippery little slot receiver could rack up a bunch of yards and maybe even a TD. Good chance for bonus points where you’d otherwise have a 2-spot from Marquis. Remember… DESPERATION ONLY.

Otherwise, stick with your guys, don’t overthink your decisions, and MOST IMPORTANTLY — reference the Voodoo list if you have to make a tough choice between two guys.

I will be ranking the Top 10 defensive units as well, rounding out a Top 100 for Week 2 of the Fantasy League Playoffs. And remember, these rankings are based on PPR leagues.

1. IND Andrew Luck (vs HOU)
2. DET Matthew Stafford (vs MIN)
3. NO Drew Brees (@ CHI)
4. PIT Ben Roethlisberger (@ ATL)
5. GB Aaron Rodgers (@ BUF)
6. DEN Peyton Manning (@ SD)
7. CHI Jay Cutler (vs NO)
8. ATL Matt Ryan (vs PIT)
9. NYG Eli Manning (vs WAS)
10. NE Tom Brady (vs MIA)
11. DAL Tony Romo (@ PHL)
12. PHI Mark Sanchez (vs DAL)
13. SEA Russell Wilson (vs SF)
14. BAL Joe Flacco (vs JAX)
15. SD Philip Rivers (vs DEN)


1. PIT LeVeon Bell (@ ATL)
2. KC Jamaal Charles (vs OAK)
3. CHI Matt Forte (vs NO)
4. DAL DeMarco Murray (@ PHL)
5. BAL Justin Forsett (vs JAX)
6. DEN C.J. Anderson (@ SD)
7. SEA Marshawn Lynch (vs SF)
8. HOU Arian Foster (@ IND)
9. NO Mark Ingram (@ CHI)
10. PHI LeSean McCoy (vs DAL)
11. DET Joique Bell (vs MIN)
12. GB Eddie Lacy (@ BUF)
13. NYJ Chris Johnson (@ TEN)
14. BUF Fred Jackson (vs GB)
15. NE LeGarrette Blount (vs MIA)
16. CAR James Stewart (vs TB)
17. IND Dan Herron (vs HOU)
18. OAK Latavius Murray (@ KC)
19. SD Ryan Mathews (vs DEN)
20. WAS Alfred Morris (@ NYG)
21. NYG Rashad Jennings (vs WAS)
22. STL Tre Mason (vs AZ)
23. CIN Giovani Bernard (vs CLE)
24. CLE Isaiah Crowell (@ CIN)
25. ATL Steven Jackson (vs PIT)


1. PIT Antonio Brown (@ ATL)
2. NYG Odell Beckham Jr. (vs WAS)
3. DET Calvin Johnson (vs MIN)
4. IND T.Y. Hilton (vs HOU)
5. DAL Dez Bryant (@ PHL)
6. DEN Demaryius Thomas (@ SD)
7. ATL J.Jones – check availability (vs PIT)
8. DEN Emmanuel Sanders (@ SD)
9. GB Jordy Nelson (@ BUF)
10. BUF Sammy Watkins vs GB)
11. TB Mike Evans (@ CAR)
12. GB Randall Cobb (@ BUF)
13. ATL Roddy White (vs PIT)
14. CHI Alshon Jeffery (vs NO)
15. DET Golden Tate (vs MIN)
16. PHI Jeremy Maclin (vs DAL)
17. CIN A.J. Green (vs CLE)
18. PHI Jordan Matthews (vs DAL)
19. NE Julian Edelman (vs MIA)
20. TB Vincent Jackson (@ CAR)
21. BAL Steve Smith (vs JAX)
22. CLE Josh Gordon (@ CIN)
23. CAR Kelvin Benjamin (vs TB)
24. NE Brandon LaFell (vs MIA)
25. MIN Charles Johnson (@ DET)
26. HOU DeAndre Hopkins (@ IND)
27. MIA Jarvis Landry (vs NE)
38. NO Marques Colston (@ CHI)
29. SD Keenan Allen (vs DEN)
30. BUF Robert Woods (vs GB)
31. WAS D.Jackson – check availability (@ NYG)
32. NO Kenny Stills (@ CHI)
33. IND Donte Moncrief (vs HOU)
34. TEN Nate Washington (vs NYJ)
35. ARI Larry Fitzgerald (@ STL)


1. NE Rob Gronkowski (vs MIA)
2. NO Jimmy Graham (@ CHI)
3. CHI Martellus Bennett (vs NO)
4. DEN Julius Thomas (@ SD)
5. TEN Delanie Walker (vs NYJ)
6. NYG Larry Donnell (vs WAS)
7. CAR Greg Olsen (vs TB)
8. STL Jared Cook (@ AZ)
9. KC Travis Kelce (vs OAK)
10. SD Antonio Gates (vs DEN)
11. IND Coby Fleener (vs HOU)
12. MIA Charles Clay (vs NE)
13. CLE Jordan Cameron (@ CIN)
14. IND Dwayne Allen (vs HOU)
15. WAS Jordan Reed (@ NYG)


Top ten Defenses:
1. BAL Baltimore (vs JAX)
2. DET Detroit (vs MIN)
3. STL St. Louis (vs AZ)
4. KC Kansas City (vs OAK)
5. SEA Seattle (vs SF)
6. TEN Tennessee (vs NYJ)
7. NE New England (vs MIA)
8. NYG NY Giants (vs WAS)
9. PHI Philadelphia (vs DAL)
10. GB Green Bay (@ BUF)

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Voodoo Brown
Voodoo Brown started playing fantasy football way back in 1994 — when you had to manually add up scores with the Monday edition of USA Today (yes, that’s how it was done). Since that time, he has amassed 16 championships and 7 runner-ups, with most of his success coming after 2003 (avg. participation of 2-3 leagues per year). These accomplishments are evidence that Voodoo steadily adjusts to the ebbs & flows of the ever-changing fantasy landscape. It’s a different game now than it was in 1994 — hell, even 2004. Rarely finishing as a doormat, Voodoo’s teams are always in the mix. If you want any roster or lineup feedback, you can message him at, or hit him up on Facebook or Twitter (@VoodooBrown)