“Philadelphia is a town with low tolerance for bullshit.” – Anthony Bourdain

Calling all Eagles fans!  You are all well aware of the perpetual epidemic in the greater Philadelphia area.  There has always been an unhealthy amount of Dallas Cowboys fans walking among us.  Think of a virus.  A disease they contracted as children and the pharmaceutical giants of the planet have yet to discover a cure.  Which is why I think, maybe, we should feel bad for them.

Look at it this way…more than likely, these people had no friends as children.  They may have had social disorders or were just plain awkward.  Why else would they cry out for such help at such a young age?  I’m guessing the boys never had a bike and Santa refused to bring the girls Barbie dolls.  So, give them a break.  These people are friendless and miserable…probably unloved.  How would you feel?

What if no one thought much of you as a young’n?  What if you were one of those ‘rotten to the core’ kids with a chemical imbalance?  You’d lash out, too.  You’d hitch your wagon to the dark lord.  You’d kick dogs, spit at other children and you’d be a Dallas Cowboys fan, as well.  Let’s all give them a break.

Losers need to feel love and a sense of belonging.  That’s the first step in their recovery.

That said, if you can’t find a way to crack a slight smile to one of these poor, poor people, I don’t blame you.  Feel free to continue to make them feel unwelcome for the duration of time.

The despised Dallas Cowboys enter Lincoln Financial Field Sunday afternoon to face the Philadelphia Eagles, a team I love and cherish because I grew up with great family and a countless amount of good friends.

The Pick:  This hurts me more than it hurts you but I’m picking the Cowboys, 34 – 30.  The Eagles, frankly, aren’t a very good football team right now but I didn’t expect them to be.  They will be in about 6 weeks which is a fair amount of time for a large count of new starters to gel together.  The new faces didn’t get much exposure to the field during exhibition games so this first month is an extension of the preseason.

If Philly is going to beat Dallas, they will need to establish the run early and never abandon it, something I don’t believe Chip Kelly is capable of doing until I see it.  Defensively, if the pass rush doesn’t get to Romo, it won’t matter much that Dez Bryant will be absent.  Tony is perfectly capable of dicing the Birds’ hapless secondary.

Dallas wins and I’ll be miserable for a week.  Won’t be the first time.  But at least I have friends.  Am I right, Cowboys fans?

Here are some additional games and matchups to key on in YOUR Week 2 What 2 Watch 4…


New England at Buffalo.  The Bills opened up the season last week in style by boat racing Indianapolis like the Colts spent the entire night before downing wings and beers at the Anchorage in Buffalo.  The Patriots enter Ralph Wilson Stadium after disposing of the Pittsburgh Stillers alongside the Monongahela.  This should be a fun game as these head coaches share no love lost.


Tennessee at Cleveland.  For the first time in NFL history, Heisman winning QBs will square off for the second time in as many weeks.  Titans QB Marcus Mariota faced Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston last week and this week, Mariota will take on the Browns and Johnny Manziel.


San Diego at Cincinnati.  Two teams here who believe they will make it out of the AFC’s second tier in 2015 and both enter the game at 1-0 with quarterbacks that have something to prove this season.


Baltimore at Oakland.  Thanks to WIP Producer Mike Angelina for pointing this out as of Friday morning…92% of the betting public was on Baltimore, yet the line hadn’t moved from Ravens -6.  That screams upset, according to Vegas.  The Raiders thought they’d be without their young gun, Derek Carr, but he will be able to go after a week one thumb injury.


Seattle at Green Bay.  Week two’s heavyweight fight pits the sour Seahawks on the road again in Green Bay.  With the Rams on the road in Washington, this looks to be a vital game for Seattle as they could easily start two games back in the division.  Something to think about, 12s…teams starting 0-2 have only a 12% chance of making the playoffs.


Atlanta at New York GMen.  Can the Giants shake off that horrible loss from last week?  I don’t think New York is as bad as they looked at times Sunday night and I don’t think Atlanta is as good as they looked at times on Monday night.  The Falcons, historically, don’t play as well on the road so this is a nice test for head coach Dan Quinn’s squad.


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Thanks to the arrival of Pope Francis to the city of Philadelphia, everyone within 50 miles of me will be upside down for the next ten days  so I’ll be on Sportsradio 94.1 WIP earlier in the week.  When?  You’ll be the first to know once I do.


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