PackerfansToday is the day that we learn just how gracious a winner I am. Since draft day, the hubs has been guiding me through my picks, my trades, and my bye-week. When for my birthday last week, we got to see the Packers live in Charlotte, he dutifully chastised my brother-in-law for PLAYING Cam Newton. On my birthday. While wearing Packer green.

But today we meet head to head.

He’s in third place and I’m in sixth but I’m coming off an absolute annihilation of a guy last week so I’m feeling good. And my guys are finally starting to work together! Yes, I know how fantasy works, but just let me believe that they get together Tuesdays nights at someone’s Green Bay duplex to talk about how to better gel next week.

Chris has done his level best to steer me clear of emotional choices while still helping me keep me Packer-heavy while enduring his own meltdowns when he overthought little things like if Brees still had it. That was the week he benched poor Drew week just before he threw for 123 touchdowns and 4,200 yards. He handled even that with with class and minimal language.

My guess is that ends today. He absolutely loves it when I beat up on some of the guys in this league but today we’ll see how it feels when I run up 150 points on him while Drew Brees opts out in favor of a BIG BANG THEORY marathon, Todd Gurley runs for 3 yards, and Jarvis Landry breaks a nail early on and can’t go on. The lone standout will be Davante Adams who does just enough good to keep the Packers in business but do absolutely nothing for Chris’s team, Breesus.

However, since it’s now halftime in Game 1 and Aaron Rodgers is stuck at 5.46 points and my tight end has a paltry 1 point, I wonder if this is my lucky day after all.

That or it was a giant mistake giving Chris the password to my fantasy empire.


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Meredith Short
Writer, Packer Fan, Utterly Underqualified Fantasy Football Consultant. Growing up in Green Bay made Meredith into a life-long Packer devotee and consumer of cheese curds. She was a three-sport athlete until college and fancied herself a real sports aficionado—right up until the night she met her future husband, the Rainman of sports trivia. The same night she met Voodoo Brown, she fell for Chris, winner of beer pong, spouter of sports stats, and the only dude at the bar with a collared shirt. She tech writes for the government, has published a comic and a book, and writes grants for non-profits—qualifying her not one iota to write sports. Today, she watches football, engaged in the action and occasionally commenting on Jordy’s forearms or so-and-so having a pretty good season, while Chris runs phone, laptop, and multi-screen TV tracking every number trackable. And this year, they’re both playing fantasy. Will his hard work and savant status win out or will this be like Preakness 2004 when she picked every race based on cutest horse name or prettiest silk? And won. Watch and learn. Or at least watch.