Brady got tripped up in Week 14, but he gets Gronk back in Week 15. There'll be hell to pay in Pittsburgh, and that overrated Steelers D won't be able to slow the Pats down. (Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty)

The Week 15 Top 100 Rankings are here… Let’s get right to it:
It’s common sense, but if you have to decide between two players on this list, take the one that is ranked higher. If your player does not appear on this list, then he’s probably not very startable in most 10-12 team leagues. (Note, these rankings are based on PPR leagues)

If you have any lineup questions, you can always hit me @VoodooBrown any time before kickoff.


1. NE Tom Brady
2. PIT Ben Roethlisberger
3. SEA Russell Wilson
4. CAR Cam Newton
5. LAC Philip Rivers
6. GB Aaron Rodgers
7. WAS Kirk Cousins
8. MIN Case Keenum
9. NO Drew Brees
10. DAL Dak Prescott
11. JAC Blake Bortles
12. DET Matthew Stafford
13. ATL Matt Ryan
14. KC Alex Smith
15. PHI Nick Foles


1. PIT LeVeon Bell
2. NO Alvin Kamara
3. BUF LeSean McCoy
4. LAR Todd Gurley
5. BAL Alex Collins
6. NO Mark Ingram
7. LAC Melvin Gordon
8. MIA Kenyan Drake
9. CAR Christian McCaffrey
10. CHI Jordan Howard
11. NE Rex Burkhead
12. JAC Leonard Fournette
13. GB Jamaal Williams
14. KC Kareem Hunt
15. ATL Devonta Freeman
16. DAL Alfred Morris
17. WAS Samaje Perine
18. ARI Adrian Peterson (check status)
19. OAK Marshawn Lynch
20. MIN Jerick McKinnon
21. DET Theo Riddick
22. SEA Mike Davis
23. SF Carlos Hyde
24. PHI Jay Ajayi
25. MIN Latavius Murray


1. PIT Antonio Brown
2. NO Michael Thomas
3. ATL Julio Jones
4. LAC Keenan Allen
5. GB Jordy Nelson
6. MIN Adam Thielen
7. OAK Michael Crabtree
8. TB Mike Evans
9. GB Davante Adams
10. SEA Doug Baldwin
11. HOU DeAndre Hopkins
12. ATL Mohamed Sanu
13. DET Golden Tate
14. DAL Dez Bryant
15. MIA Jarvis Landry
16. NE Brandin Cooks
17. CLE Josh Gordon
18. KC Tyreek Hill
19. ARI Larry Fitzgerald
20. LAR Cooper Kupp
21. CAR Devin Funchess
22. IND T.Y. Hilton
23. PHI Alshon Jeffery
24. CIN A.J. Green
25. MIN Stefon Diggs
26. DET Marvin Jones
27. JAC Dede Westbrook
28. WAS Jamison Crowder
29. SF Marquise Goodwin
30. NE Chris Hogan
31. NYG Sterling Shepard
32. LAC Tyrell Williams
33. LAR Sammy Watkins
34. NE Danny Amendola
35. DEN Demaryius Thomas


1. NE Rob Gronkowski
2. KC Travis Kelce
3. TEN Delanie Walker
4. PHI Zach Ertz
5. OAK Jared Cook
6. MIN Kyle Rudolph
7. SEA Jimmy Graham
8. IND Jack Doyle
9. LAC Hunter Henry
10. NYG Evan Engram
11. DET Eric Ebron
12. SF Garrett Celek
13. WAS Vernon Davis
14. BUF Charles Clay
15. DAL Jason Witten


1. Jacksonville
2. New Orleans
3. Baltimore
4. Minnesota
5. Denver
6. Philadelphia
7. Washington
8. Detroit
9. Indianapolis
10. Buffalo


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