Keenum, Thielen, and Diggs bring their precision aerial attack to Philly Sunday night.

Voodoo’s postseason record:
Against the spread: 4-3-1
Straight up: 4-4
Over/Under: 5-3
Mike Procopio’s postseason record:
Against the spread: 5-2-1
Straight up: 6-2
Over/Under: 3-5


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots (-7.5)
Sunday January 21st @ 3:05pm ET

Over/Under: 45.5
Temperature: 44°
Wind: 3-8mph

As weak as the AFC was this year, the Patriots looked destined to waltz past pretty much every team en route to the Super Bowl. There is one AFC team that matches up very well against them however — and it’s not the Steelers. It’s the Jacksonville Jaguars. Forget about the points surrendered last week in Pittsburgh, this defense is the best the Pats will see all year. If they rattle Brady early & often, the Patriots will be out of rhythm, and the Jaguars will dictate the tempo of this game with a whole lot of Fournette, and that suffocating D. I love the Jags to cover, and I really like them to pull off the upset.
Jacksonville 24 – New England 20

Voodoo’s picks:
Against the spread: JAX
Straight up: JAX
Over/Under: Under 45.5
Mike Procopio’s picks:
Against the spread: JAX
Straight up: NE
Over/Under: Under 45.5


Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+3)
Sunday January 21st @ 6:40pm ET

Over/Under: 39
Temperature: 44°
Wind: 2-7mph

These two teams are mirror images of each other. Great defenses, RB-by-committee, backup QB, etc… you’ve heard it all. If this game was in Minnesota, I wouldn’t have to think too long about my pick — the Vikings are a different team in that dome. They have a rhythm on both sides of the ball that is very hard to disrupt in this controlled environment. Being in Philly though, the open-air hostile environment will do a whole lot to disrupt this rhythm. The moderate weather doesn’t really give a distinct advantage to either team: bad weather would affect the dome team, but it would also affect Nick Foles’ performance (he’s more of an ideal-condition QB). So that’s a wash. I expect a defensive battle in a game that comes down to turnovers. The Eagles D has been more opportunistic that the Vikings D all year, and that should pay off dividends if the trend continues. Expect another nailbiter, with the Eagles coming out on top.
Philadelphia 23 – Minnesota 16

Voodoo’s picks:
Against the spread: PHL
Straight up: PHL
Over/Under: Under 39
Mike Procopio’s picks:
Against the spread: MIN
Straight up: MIN
Over/Under: Under 39


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