The Eagles have the seemingly impossible task of dethroning the most dominant dynasty in the history of the NFL. Sure, they have a fighter's chance... but can they really pull it off with a backup QB? (Photo Credit: Matt Stone)

Voodoo’s postseason record:
Against the spread: 6-3-1
Straight up: 5-5
Over/Under: 6-4
Mike Procopio’s postseason record:
Against the spread: 6-3-1
Straight up: 7-3
Over/Under: 4-6


Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots (-4.5)
Sunday February 4th @ 6:30pm ET

Over/Under: 48
Temperature: Indoor
Wind: Indoor

I see this game going one of two ways. Scenario 1, the Patriots win in expected Patriot fashion. We see a close game coming down to the final minutes, and the greatest QB of the greatest dynasty led by the greatest coach of all time finds a way to win down the stretch. Scenario 2, the Eagles win in unexpectedly dominant fashion by running the ball down the Patriots throats, sprinkling in an efficient passing game, and bringing a dominant pass rush that keeps Brady on his back all night long. When Brady gets pressured, he transforms from the GOAT into Kevin Kolb. It’s his Achilles heel, and the one thing that negates his greatness more than any other great QB in the game.

Which scenario am I feeling? If Cox & Co have a huge game and they punish Brady into submission, then we see the Pats dynasty come to an end in shocking fashion. Shocking to everyone outside of Philadelphia, that is. We’ve watched this team all year long, and we know that once our Birds start circling, their relentless attack can only be stopped when the clock hits 00:00. Birds win big: Philadelphia 34 – New England 20

Voodoo’s picks:
Against the spread: PHL
Straight up: PHL
Over/Under: Over 48
Mike Procopio’s picks:
Against the spread: NE
Straight up: NE
Over/Under: Under 48


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