They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Well, flip on Lifetime and pass me some ice for my vagina because I was one angry bitch for a few months.  I refused to talk football, didn’t even want to, for that matter.  I shrugged my shoulders a lot during football conversations.  Millionaires versus billionaires?  They can all kiss my ass.  This coming from me!  I live this game.  I breathe this game.  I can tell you the third string QB on just about any team without blinking an eye and with a mouth full of Cheerios.  And the Eagles?  Let’s just say that with the exception of my daughter and, on most days, my wife (love ya, Ree), there is nothing in the world more important to me.  Nada.  Zilch.  Nyit.  Nunda.  What made matters worse was the NFL PR machine touting, “we came back for the fans.”  Bullshit!  The owners agreed because they were about to hemorrhage multi millions and the players came back because the 2012 Escalades are about to be released.  Screw ‘em all.  Maybe I’ll sell my tickets this year, put that extra cash in Dani’s 529.

And then last Friday happened.  A call from a good friend asks me if I’ve heard anything about Nhamdi Asomughua coming to Philly.  Moments later, a text message from an NFL employee friend, “TURN ON ESPN IN 2 MINUTES.  AND BE SEATED.”  So, I take my daughter off her new swing-set and head inside to see…Adam Schefter reporting the Eagles have signed NA to 5 years, 60 million.  My blood started to tingle.  My eyes got bluer.  I started sweating.  The heart raced.  I’M BAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!  My blackberry started ringing and blinking and making every conceivable noise to the point that smoke started coming out of it.  Who do I call first?  Nick!  He and I could barely speak.  Just a lot of “holy shits,” “we got him,” and “oh, my Gods.”  Next?  It’s a blur.  The important thing is was I was reinvested in the game and team I love so much.  (And I didn’t even mention the Phillies trading for Hunter Pence!  What a weekend!)

As for this Dream Team crap, and it is crap, the last thing I want is 31 teams looking at the Birds.  I’m tickled at the signings (and the Cullen Jenkins one should get almost as much press as Nhamdi) but the Eagles are far from a dream team.  They’re still not even the best team in the conference.  But, that’s ok.  Because 8 days ago, I didn’t think this team could win the division.  Now, they better.  Sometime over the last few weeks, I hope you, too, found a reason to get reinvested in this game you love so much.  Welcome back football, welcome back fans and please give a hearty welcome back to YOUR NFL notes and musings…


Who is Jerry Richardson, you say?  He’s the owner of the Carolina Panthers and the loudest voice this past year crying poor.  He’s also the guy who is spending his money like he’s getting divorced giving proof that the owners’ argument maaayyy have been a little thin.  And the Panthers have the worst 1-2 punch of quarterbacks I have ever seen on a roster.

Am I the only one that sees Reggie Bush having a monster season in Miami?


If John Elway is a smart man, he will not trade Kyle Orton.  Not because I think Orton is a world beater, but because Tebow is not a starter in this league.

Anyone see the new Sportscenter anchor, Sarah Walsh?  Let me ask you a question, Sarah…”what was ya name, before you changed it?”  Kudos to the first person to post or email me what movie that line is from.

What kind of a coach would you rather have?  A Ryan type that runs his mouth anytime there’s a microphone near it or a Belichick type that is stoic.  I used to say a Ryan.  Not anymore.  Rex I can take.  Rex and Rob?  Too much, but it makes for a good discussion.

How glamorous does Temple University look now to Al Golden?  Miami is the next domino to fall in what has been a hellish off-season for NCAA football.  Don’t kid yourself, either.  USC, Ohio St, and Miami are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Eli Manning
One of the best?

Eli…you’re not a top 5 quarterback.  Now, go get me a beer.

I’m torn on the move Tennessee made by signing Matt Hasselbeck.  On one hand, he has a strong QB IQ and is an ideal tutor for Jake Locker.  On the other hand, Locker was my top QB in the draft and has the physical tools to step in, day one, and contribute.  He already looks good with limited practice and study time.

Can someone please tell the NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano to, please, have his ears tucked?  A strong gust of wind could send him sailing across the Atlantic.

The best player in the NFL that nobody talks about is Jamaal Charles.  Guy is a stud.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mike Brown (not the Bears’ safety), he is the son of the late, great Paul Brown and the man who calls the shots for the Cincinnati Bengals.  He’s also the cheapest man in league history and is willing to let Carson Palmer retire and receive nothing in return, rather then move him for a few second round draft picks or, even a first.  Mike, you never cease to short your fan base.  I guess some apples do fall far from trees.

Speaking of beer, I picked up a 6 pack of Yards’ Pale Ale this week.  It’s delicious.

Peyton Hillis on the Madden cover?  Really?

The lovely Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Sitting at the Eagles’ preseason game last week, (yes, I even attend the exhibitions) I turned to Jeff and asked, “do guys pay attention to cheerleaders anymore?”  I’m a card carrying heterosexual, yet I have to say I don’t even notice them.

I’m not ready to call the Eagles a Superbowl team so, prior to the season, my pick is New England over Green Bay.

And finally, last week, Ed Sabol, the founder of NFL Films, was inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  When my old job comes up, I usually get sappy.  I can’t help it.  For five amazing years, I was able to do my absolute dream job.  How many people in human history can say that?  Well, Ed, here’s to you for lighting the torch that made all NFL Films employees, past, present and future, keepers of the flame.  CLICK HERE to see one final film directed by Ed Sabol


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Darren DeGaetano
A lifelong buddy of Voodoo Brown's, Darren was born in Philadelphia and resides with his family in South Jersey. His resume includes ten years producing sports radio in Philadelphia and five years as a writer, director and producer for NFL Films. His weekly NFL NOTES & MUSINGS column provides his thoughts, anecdotes and eye opening statistics that happened over the previous weekend. Additionally, every Friday, Darren offers his "What 2 Watch 4" column to set you up for the coming weekend football action. Darren's best known annual piece features his Darrentees, a collection of NFL bold and not so bold predictions for the season at hand. Finally, Darren is a full time NFL Insider for Philadelphia's Sportsradio 94.1 WIP and co-hosts the Thursday night / Friday morning overnight show with Big Daddy Graham and can be heard on the official Philadelphia Eagles post-game show. He also likes red wine. Lots and lots of red wine.


  1. Pure gold. Now. I can sound knowledgable about football without even turning on a game. What a time saver! Brilliant guy! Keep it up.

  2. Birds never ending failure to value the linebacker position is going to haunt them.Does Castillo’s enthusiasm make up for lack of experience?