“You’re the disease. I’m the cure.” – Cobra (Sylvester Stallone)


Back in 1995, the movie “Outbreak” scared me half to death. Thank God for Dustin Hoffman.  We might all be dead!  Seriously, though, am I the only one of you hearing one too many ebola outbreak stories?  The people treating them are dressed like the government workers in “E.T.”  and I have nightmares of people melting all around me.  The latest rumor was attempted to be spread by Jaxson de Ville, the mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars, pictured above carrying a sign that reads, “Towels Carry Ebola.”

Look, I really don’t want to make light of this situation, nor do I want to want to sound like a Grumpy Gus but how the hell does this happen in an NFL stadium during an NFL game on a nationally televised broadcast? While it’s not funny, the situation is comical.  Jaxson was, in fact, mocking the Steelers’ terrible towels, their opponent on Sunday.  I get it but come on, guy, really?  I hope the clown inside the costume doesn’t lose his job but the Jaguars really need to make some changes on how they decide to go to market.


Here are YOUR Week 5 NFL Notes & Musings…


Julius Peppers is now the only player in NFL history to record over 100 sacks and, at least, 10 interceptions.


Chip Kelly continues to infuriate me. Why are they snapping the ball with 18 seconds on the clock while nursing a dwindling lead?  Tempo is not everything.  He may be more stubborn than Andy Reid.


Jay Cutler is the anti-Nick Foles. Big time arm but a bonehead who loses games.  I’ll take Foles any day.


Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson is now the 2nd fastest in NFL history to 950 catches.  He now has 954 in 159 games.  The great Jerry Rice is numero uno.


Dallas running back DeMarco Murray is the first in franchise history to begin the season with five straight 100 yard games. Emmitt Smith’s longest streak to start the season was four in 1995.


Per my close friend Vince who attended Sunday’s Eagles game with me, “Jordan Matthews runs with purpose.” Vince is right.


Dan Carpenter’s game winning field goal for the Buffalo Bills at Ford Field in Detroit was 58 yards. Former Eagle kicker Alex Henery went 0 for 3 and cost himself a job for the second time in five weeks.  Henery was cut this morning by the Lions.


Buffalo quarterback Kyle Orton threw the ball 43 times in his first game back from (barely) retirement. It was his 8th win in the fourth quarter or overtime in his career.


The Eagles have to make a trade for Carolina return man, Philly Brown, don’t they? Don’t they?


Why doesn’t Chris Polk get any carries for the Eagles?


Colts receiver Reggie Wayne caught 7 balls for 77 yards against the Ravens on Sunday. He passed Cris Carter and is now 8th all-time in league history in receiving yardage with 13,950.


I remember when Buzz Bissinger was a credible writer.  Now, he’s just an attention whore, blow-hard.  Write something worthwhile or shut the hell up, Buzz.  ‘Boo hoo, Nick Foles won’ t talk to me…’


Sloppy day in Indianapolis. The Colts and Ravens combined for 7 turnovers and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked 4 times.


Before Sunday, Dan Marino had been the fastest to throw for 40,000 yards with one team, having done it in 153 games. Drew Brees has now done in it with the Saints in just 132 games.


Despite struggling from position depth, you could cut Cary Williams and Nate Allen today and the Eagles would be a better football team.


Rams head coach Jeff Fisher lost to the Eagles for the first time since his days as Buddy Ryan’s defensive coordinator.  He is now 4-1.


As a unit, the only special teams I can ever remember seeing play better than Dave Fipp’s Eagles are the Virginia Tech teams of the 2000’s. The Birds have blocked a punt for a touchdown now in back to back weeks.


The Cleveland Browns’ 25 point comeback in Tennessee is the largest road comeback in NFL history.


Peyton Manning threw another 4 touchdown passes for a career total of 503. He is just 5 shy of Brett Favre’s record 508.


San Francisco kicker Phil Dawson, who will be 40 years old this January, was 5 for 5 on Sunday including a pair over 50 yards. He actually went for 6 for 6 once in a game in 2004 for Cleveland.


Tom Brady is now the 6th passer in NFL history to throw for over 50,000 yards.


After watching New England on a shot prep week completely dismantle Cincinnati off a bye, I have determined that I will not be surprised if any two teams in the league play in the Superbowl. Nothing will surprise me.  This NFL has the most parity in it’s storied history.


And finally, here’s what I know after 5 games about the Philadelphia Eagles: Nada.  I think Foles is hurt.  I think he’ll be fine.  You don’t just lose pinpoint accuracy.  That doesn’t happen.  Foles, despite his recent struggles, is a pretty damn good quarterback.  He may just be one that shouldn’t throw the ball 40 times per game.  There are some top notch quarterbacks that throw the ball no more than 20-25 times per game; Roethlisberger and Wilson spring to mind.  I also think McCoy is hurting.  I’m convinced he was concussed against Washington.  He should’ve sat out the 49er game.  Not like his 10 whole carries in that game made a difference, anyway, and you’ll never convince me that cutting Desean Jackson hasn’t hurt the passing attack.  I think all that.  But, I’m not sure.  I’m pretty sure this defense is going to get worse.  Even in a game where I thought they would play big, they got shredded by Austin Davis and the Rams.  The horses just aren’t there and no amount of early blitz packages are going to hide that, which leads me to my concern that they just aren’t built for January.  I’ll enjoy the 4-1 record now but I am ye of little faith there will be any post-season success, if a post-season exists for them at all.


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