“We’re on to Cincinnati.” – Bill Belichick


He isn’t loved.  He isn’t even liked.  He’s mostly hated.  Except, if you’re a New England fan.  What he is, by everyone, however, is respected.   Bill Belichick never fails to find a new wrinkle, player or scheme to take an elite team out to the woodshed.  The Patriots boat raced the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday thanks to rookie running back Jonas Gray’s 199 yards on 38 carries.  Bill figured last night on a national stage would be a good time to unleash the rookie.  Billy-boy has a substantial winning record against every single team in the NFL, except the NY Giants.  We all know about those two big losses.  He has 5 Superbowl rings including 3 as head coach of the Patriots and, incredibly, may not receive enough credit for the Patriots’ decade-long success.  I know, I know.  A lot of you are rolling your eyes but, give the devil his due.  I’m not sure Tom Brady is half the quarterback with another coach.  In fact, I’m certain he isn’t.  They are a match made in, well, let’s go with purgatory.  The hardest critics, including myself, would like to see him win one Superbowl, post Spygate, to legitimize his career which very well could happen in a few months so this opinion may be a little premature but I am blown away by the vast differences in which the Patriots can trounce quality teams, year in and year out, with whoever the hell personnel-wise happened to be lurking around that given week.  It’s not often I’m completely impressed beyond belief but this guy, love him or hate, may be getting smarter.


Here are the rest of YOUR Week 11 NFL Notes & Musings…


It wasn’t a very good day for the Manning family.  Peyton lost his tight end, Julius Thomas, and wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, and turned in two interceptions in Denver’s 22-7 loss at St. Louis.  Little brother, Eli, threw 5 interceptions at home in a 16-9 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  Rumor has it, eldest brother Cooper got his finger caught in a door jam, father Archie formed a hemorrhoid and mom Olivia burned a casserole.


Amazing play from some amazing rookies so far this year:  Tampa’s Mike Evans, Buffalo’s Sammy Watkins, Carolina’s Kelvin Benjamin and Philly’s Jordan Matthews make this, arguably, the best WR draft class in NFL history.  How about these running backs?  New England’s Jonas Gray, Cincinnati’s Jeremy Hill and Houston’s Alfred Blue combined for 507 yards rushing on Sunday.  And there’s a kid named Chris Borland in San Francisco who happens to be filling in nicely for San Francisco at linebacker in the absence of Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman and until recently, Aldon Smith.


Entering Sunday, the Cleveland Browns were in first place in the AFC North.  After their 23-7 loss at home to Houston, they exited the day in last place.


Tampa Bay is now just 2 games out of first place in the NFC South with 6 to play.  They have 2 wins.  Please let that sink in.  Saying a silent prayer that they, somehow, win the division with no more than 5 wins.  The NFL would implode.


Andrew Luck is now 0-3 versus New England, throwing 9 interceptions in those games.  He did, however, lead the Colts in rushing on Sunday night, scamperring for a mere 15 yards on 3 carries against the Patriots.


Why does the NFL schedule maker do this?  9 games at 1pm and only 3 at 4pm?


Atlanta and Carolina are two of the most inept franchises in football right now.  Watching the RedZone network focus on them for, what seemed like, forever at the end of the 1pm games on Sunday was pure torture.


Here’s the good news, Falcons fans:  Atlanta is 4-0 in the division.  Here’s the bad news:  The division is the NFC South.


Chicago won their first game at Soldier Field in 2014, defeating Minnesota 21-13.


This was Houston defensive end J.J. Watt’s day:  Touchdown reception on a ridiculous catch on offense (he was split out), one sack, 5 tackles including 3 for a loss, and recovered a fumble.  He also sprinkled in a few hurries.  Watt is absolutely having an MVP caliber season.


Pete Carroll lost the game for Seattle on Sunday.  Down 4 with just over 5 minutes to play, he elected to go for it on a fourth and goal.  Kansas City held, though punted quickly giving Seattle another drive which led to the Seahawks landing easily in field goal position.  The Seahawks should’ve been kicking a field goal for the win instead of trying to score 6.  Could be a crushing loss come January in a crowded NFC.


Nice bounce back game for Cincinnati quarterback Andy Daulton who turned in a quarterback rating of 2.1 in the Bengals’ loss to Cleveland last week.  On Sunday, Daulton threw for 220 yards, 3 touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 143.9 at the Superdome in New Orleans.  The Bengals beat the Saints, 27-10.


I want to talk about the Rams for a moment.  Can we talk about the Rams?  Let’s talk about the Rams.  This Rams team has lost the following to season ending injury:  Quarterback Sam Bradford, defensive end Chris Long, offensive tackle Jake Long, and wide receiver Brian Quick, amongst others.  Yet this Rams team has now beaten Seattle, San Francisco and Denver.  If St. Louis ever finds a top flight quarterback, they could be a true elite team.


The Oakland Raiders have now lost 16 straight regular season games, the latest at the hands of an overrated San Diego team that probably should not have won.


Arizona may just be ok with Drew Stanton at quarterback after he took apart the Lions’ top ranked passing defense, throwing for 306 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Cardinals’ 14-6 win in the desert.


Did you happen to see the older gentleman New Orleans Saints fan wrestle away a football that was tossed to a young female Bengal fan at the Superdome?  The shot of her begging him for the football while he turned away, embarrassed to look in her direction, was priceless.  All is right in the world, though, as the young lady was properly provided with her own ball.


And finally, sometime around 6:45pm Sunday evening, I received a text message from my wife who was at work, genuinely concerned for my health.  “Are you ok?  This is brutal.”  I can’t blame her.  She’s seen me at my worst…kicking furniture, ripped a couple doors off the hinges, even slammed 10 pairs of beads that went all over my kitchen when Andy Reid CALLED THAT DAMN PASS IN THE FLAT IN THE PLAYOFFS IN NEW ORLEANS!!!  WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING, ANDY!!!!!!  Deep breathe.  Anyway, she was likely surprised to hear that I was laughing.  Laughing all day.  The Eagles’ loss was so bad and went so terrible so early, there wasn’t enough time to get angry and thanks to a 4:25pm start, not enough time to let it fester.  There was also some comfort in my belief that the Eagles, simply, are not a Superbowl contender.  I’ve maintained that all season.  They are the best of the second tier teams which, honestly, took the sting away from a 53-20 drubbing at the hands of the Acme Packers.

That said, a few Iggles notes as they, hopefully, shake it off-shake it off-shake-shake, shake off that humiliating loss:

Josh Huff is not an NFL player.  Stop it with him.

Riley Cooper has no value, outside of his height.  That’s a bad contract.

Mark Sanchez, or as I like to call him, “Skippy,” is not someone you can trust in a big game.  If the Eagles are down, I have no faith he can make a play to win a game in the fourth quarter.  If the Eagles make the post-season, they need to go back to Foles.  He may not be the long term guy, but he gives the team the best chance to win.

This offseason, I would like to see GM Howie Roseman make a concentrated effort to upgrade the secondary.  I have my eyes on Alabama’s Cyrus Jones.  Used to play wide receiver, has great instincts.  I’ll dive more in to potential draft picks after the Bowl games but I already like Jones.

Green Bay would’ve won that game by 20 at the Linc or any neutral field on the planet.


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  1. I can’t believe Davis played press man single high against Rodgers. After that first bomb Rodgers threw to Nelson they should have switched to cover 2 so Fletcher had some help. The was the biggest ass whopping the Eagles took since Tom Brady invaded the Linc in 2011.